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Microsoft & Volvo To Work Together On Automotive Technology

microsoft-hololens-hands-on-01It is obvious that carmakers such as Volvo are working on self-driving vehicles. When accurately those vehicles will turn accessible for squeeze stays to be seen, though in a meantime it looks like a Swedish carmaker will be removing a bit of assistance from a likes of Microsoft.

In a press recover from Volvo, it has been announced that both Microsoft and Volvo will be operative together with regards to automotive technology. For starters Volvo will be looking to confederate Microsoft’s HoloLens into a car-buying experience. For instance in a future, automobile sales competence not need to have a tangible automobile there.

Pop booths and sales people could let intensity business wear a HoloLens and be means to correlate with a automobile even from a remote distance. Other intensity uses could concede a patron to see a car’s specs and facilities laid out in front of them instead of carrying to crop by a brochure.

There are also intensity skeleton to work together with regards to unconstrained pushing and the reserve features. According to Scott Erickson, Senior Director, Microsoft HoloLens during Microsoft Corp, “We are anxious to be operative with Volvo Cars to reimagine what is probable in automobile design, find and purchasing. We are vehement to be during this intersection of record and human-centric pattern with Volvo.”

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