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Microsoft’s Biggest Problem, in a Single Chart

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The 10 most-used apps of a year in a U.S. were all done by 3 companies — Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Notably absent is Microsoft, one of a largest program makers in a universe by revenue.

In 2015, Facebook apps took 3 of a tip 10 spots, including a No. 1 position, according to a new Nielsen report.

The categorical Facebook app had a tip normal series of monthly users for a second year in a row.

Facebook Messenger was a third most-used app, adult from seventh place final year. And Instagram came in during No. 8 on a list, relocating adult one place on a rankings.

Google had 5 of a tip 10 apps: YouTube (No. 2), Google Search (4), Google Play (5), Google Maps (6), and Gmail (7).

Apple dull out a bottom of a rankings with dual apps: Apple Music and Maps.

Microsoft cares about lists like this for an critical reason. They paint a really transparent design of what people need and wish their phones to do — and it’s not a things that Microsoft builds.

Microsoft did not respond to requests for comment.

To a credit, Microsoft has been doing a worthy pursuit of building a mobile-friendly gold of products, including giveaway versions of a uber-popular Office 365 apartment of apps.

With Windows 10, apps that developers write for a PC will also work on Microsoft’s phones. That could assistance a height bust out of a longstanding “chicken and egg” problem: Too few people have Windows phones for developers to caring about creation apps for a platform, and business don’t wish to buy Windows phones given they don’t have adequate apps.

But Microsoft is one of a biggest program companies on a planet. To not be in a tip 10 on mobile has got to hurt.

Google and Apple’s participation on a list creates sense, given their apps are local to their phones. People don’t have to download a Gmail app to use it on an Android phone or Apple Music on an iPhone.

Even if Windows never takes off on mobile devices, Microsoft should be speedy by Facebook’s success.

Without a possess mobile handling system, Facebook is still widespread on mobile. People select to download and use Facebook and Instagram on their possess regardless of that device they have.

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