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Midterm Election Results for Massachusetts (and a Few Other Places)

We’re following Charlie Baker’s win over Martha Coakley in a Mass. governor’s race, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s reelection over Scott Brown to turn New Hampshire’s US Senator, and a other large formula from Tuesday night’s election.

The latest:

In his initial press discussion as governor-elect, Baker spoke of his skeleton for a transition group and of his hopes for a Baker administration on Wednesday afternoon.

“We’re unequivocally looking brazen to rolling adult a sleeves and removing to work,” Baker said. “We positively devise to lead as member of 100 percent of a state.”

Earlier in a day, Coakley thanked supporters and cited Baker for his “graciousness” in a benefaction debate to supporters on Wednesday. “I feel like we both won,” Coakley said. “We both lifted issues critical to Massachusetts.” She also speedy her supporters to work with a Baker administration over a subsequent 4 years.

“I told him I’m going to reason him to his debate promises given we have his dungeon phone series now,” she said.

Baker becomes a initial Republican to be inaugurated administrator of a Commonwealth given Mitt Romney in 2002.

The opinion remained parsimonious by a night, though mixed news sources projected Baker as a leader late Tuesday. The Coakley debate did not concede on Tuesday night or residence supporters during her debate event, and motionless to wait until a morning to endorse a opinion tally.

In New Hampshire, Republican Scott Brown conceded to Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in a US Senate race.

In a Maine governor’s race, Republican Paul LePage reclaimed his chair and was inaugurated to a second term.

In a competition for Massachusetts’s 6th Congressional District, Democrat Seth Moulton was inaugurated over Republican Richard Tisei.

Democrat Maura Healey has been elected profession ubiquitous of Massachusetts.

Governor (Massachusetts)

Democrat Martha Coakley called Republican Charlie Baker this morning to concur a competition for Massachusetts governor. Baker becomes a initial Republican to be administrator of a Commonwealth given Mitt Romney in 2002.

Coakley, a profession general, began a debate several commission points forward of former health caring CEO Baker, though Baker stormed to a slight lead in recent pre-election polls. Both possibilities formerly mislaid elections in 2010, when Baker ran unsuccessfully for administrator and Coakley mislaid in her competition for a US Senate.

The 3 eccentric candidates, former health caring executive Evan Falchuk, try entrepreneur Jeff McCormick, and apportion Scott Lively, have placed good behind a dual front-runners in polls.

You can review some-more about any candidate’s positions and credentials here.

US Senate (New Hampshire)

Dem. Jeanne Shaheen vs. Rep. Scott Brown

About dual hours after a AP called a competition for Shaheen, Brown conceded to a Democrat in a Senate race. Shaheen, a incumbent, was formerly administrator of New Hampshire and was inaugurated to a Senate in 2008. Brown was formerly a US Senator for Massachusetts from 2010 to 2012, and determined residence in New Hampshire late in 2013.

(Earlier, Boston.com betimes published formula from a race. We apologize for any confusion.)

Governor (Maine)

Dem. Mike Michaud vs. Rep. Paul LePage vs. Ind. Eliot Cutler

LePage was projected to win a choosing only before midnight, according to a Bangor Daily News. LePage, a incumbent, who took bureau in 2011. Recent polls have shown a parsimonious competition between LePage and Michaud, a six-term congressman.

Mayor of Providence (Rhode Island)

Dem. Jorge Elorza vs. Rep. Daniel Harrop vs. Ind. Vincent “Buddy” Cianci

Elorza has beaten Cianci and Harrop. Cianci has spent dual prior stints as Providence mayor, and both terms were cut brief after he was convicted of a felony.

US Senate (MA)

Dem. Ed Markey vs. Rep. Brian Herr

Ed Markey will keep his chair as US Senator for Massachusetts, a AP projected.

Markey, a incumbent, was inaugurated in a special choosing in 2013 to take over for Secretary of State John Kerry. Brian Mr. is a businessman and Chairman of a Board of Selectman in Hopkinton.

6th Congressional District (MA)

Dem. Seth Moulton vs. Rep. Richard Tisei

Moulton was inaugurated over Tisei. Moulton, a former Marine who was twice awarded for intrepidity in battles in Iraq, unseated longtime deputy John Tierney in a Democratic primaries. Tisei, who has endless knowledge as a state senator, unsuccessfully ran for Congress dual years ago. Tisei unsuccessfully ran as a Lieutenant Governor alongside Charlie Baker in 2010.

Treasurer (MA)

Dem. Deb Goldberg vs. Rep. Mike Heffernan

Goldberg was elected Treasurer during 10:36 Tuesday night. She was formerly a member of a Brookline Board of Selectman, while Heffernan has worked extensively in financial services. The stream treasurer, Democrat Steve Grossman, ran unsuccessfully to turn a Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

Secretary of State (MA)

Dem. William F. Galvin vs. Rep. David D’Arcangelo

Galvin has won reelection as Mass. Secretary of State. Galvin, a incumbent, has hold a position given 1995.

State Auditor (MA)

Dem. Suzanne Bump vs. Rep. Patricia Saint Aubin

Bump was reelected as state auditor over Saint Aubin. She was initial inaugurated auditor in 2010.

State Senate, First Hampden Hampshire District (MA)

Dem. Eric Lesser vs. Rep. Debra Boronski

Lesser was elected over Boronski. Lesser is a former White House aide, and Boronski is a president of a Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce.

State Senate, Worcester Norfolk District (MA)

Dem. Richard Moore vs. Rep. Ryan Fattman

Fattman defeated Moore, a incumbent, who had been a state senator given 1996.

Article source: http://www.boston.com/news/politics/2014/11/04/midterm-election-results-for-massachusetts-and-few-other-places/w9WtlS8Is6oN6RW1E2RAnK/story.html

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