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‘Milky Rain’ in Washington and Oregon May Be Volcanic Ash from Russia

Feb 09, 2015 03:52 PM EST

'Milky Rain'
(Photo : YouTube Screenshot) The ‘milky rain’ is apparently volcanic ash, possibly from Russia or Mexico.

A bizarre piece raining down on automobile windshields opposite a states of Oregon and Washington is indeed volcanic charcoal that done a approach opposite a Pacific Ocean from Russia.

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According to CNN’s meteorologist Derek Van Dam, a clever jet tide could have brought a charcoal from Mexico, though some-more expected it came from Russia. There are active volcanoes in both areas and Mexico’s is about 2,000 miles from Oregon and Washington since Russia’s is 4,000 miles away.

“The clever southerly upsurge from a jet tide could have brought it from an active volcano in southwest Colima, Mexico. But if we go over west towards eastern Russia, there’s another active volcano there,” Van Dam said.

Washington state’s Walla Walla County Emergency said in a statement on their Facebook page that they trust a charcoal came from Russia.

“While it was posted that a piece is expected charcoal is from Volcano Shiveluch, they are a series of volcanoes that are now active,” they said. “The source of a element has not been scientifically confirmed. According to a story posted by The Spokesman Review: “One meteorologist speculated that a mud was volcanic charcoal that got into a atmosphere from Mexico.”

The U.S. National Weather Service in Spokane, Wash. was providing few updates on a conditions starting Saturday.

“We have listened a few theories so distant including; volcanic charcoal from Mexico or Russia, dirt picked adult from final night’s clever winds, or maybe charcoal from final year’s wildfires over SE Oregon/SW Idaho,” they pronounced on their Facebook page. “We still don’t have a decisive answer.”

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