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Milstead Automotive & Collision partners with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, on-site

Milstead Automotive Collision has turn a one-stop emporium for clients in need of automobile repairs. In further to collision, automotive, transmission, towing and swift services, Milstead now provides business with entrance to discerning and easy automobile rentals from North America’s largest automobile let brand, Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

In this singular partnership, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has set adult a area site during Milstead Automotive, 29707 W. Hawthorne, Spring. “Setting adult automobile rentals where a clients live and work is only one some-more approach for us to assistance a customers,” pronounced Amy Milstead, boss of Milstead Automotive.

Both Milstead Automotive Collision and Enterprise Rent-A-Car are family owned and operated companies famous for their well-developed patron service. However, Milstead remarkable that today, we can’t only be customer-friendly. Now, we need to offer loyal convenience.

Today’s motorist is really opposite from a one who entered Milstead’s emporium when it initial non-stop 42 years ago. She said, “Drivers now have a really opposite set of final for their bustling lives,” adding that cars are essential in this area, generally with a miss of open transportation.

People can no longer wait 4 to 5 hours for a automobile correct or a week or dual for physique work. That’s because carrying Enterprise on-site adds another covering of preference for Milstead customers. Now, Milstead business have a broader spectrum of newer vehicles to select from along with a palliate of being means to lease on-site from a series one automobile let association in a world. Car rentals are only one of a many services Milstead offers. Customers can also find watchful bedrooms with entrance to laptops and Wi-Fi, permitting them to work while they wait. There is also a kids’ play area and refrigerators stocked with drinks and snacks.

This partnership provides several advantages to a customers, pronounced Milstead. According to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, word companies are significantly improving turn-around times – by some-more than 25 percent – when they impute policyholders to collision correct centers regulating a Enterprise Rent-A-Car Automated Rental Management System (ARMS®).

“Losing a patron due to viewed extreme correct time is dear for both collision correct centers and insurers,” pronounced Frank LaViola, Assistant Vice President of Collision Industry Relations, Enterprise Rent-A-Car. “That’s because cycle time has turn one of a many critical opening metrics in a collision correct industry. With ARMS, communication between word companies, collision correct centers and automobile let offices is streamlined to assistance revoke cycle time and get process holders behind in their cars sooner.”

“At Milstead, we essay to lapse your automobile to a strange condition as fast as possible. In further to Enterprise, we also work with many vital word companies to save a clients time by quicker claims and faster repairs after an accident,” pronounced Milstead.

For 42 years, Milstead Automotive Collision has helped drivers get behind on a road. For some-more than 50 years, Enterprise has partnered with correct centers and word companies to assistance business whose cars have been shop-worn or stolen. Milstead’s business truth mirrors that of Enterprise Rent-A-Cars, creation certain that business are totally satisfied. Additionally, both companies offer affordability and convenience, creation this a ideally driven partnership.

Milstead Automotive Group is a family-owned and operated full-service automotive correct trickery portion Montgomery and Harris Counties. The association was founded in 1971 by Dick Milstead where he offering business honest, peculiarity automobile correct from his dual automobile garage. Since that time, Milstead has grown into a 29-bay trickery and offers automotive, transmission, collision, towing and swift services.

For some-more information on Milstead Automotive Collision’s services, revisit milsteadautomotive.com.

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