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Mom changes her mind about vaccines after her 7 children get whooping cough

“Seriously, guys, what are we doing here?” Jon Stewart asked of a news media on Wednesday night’s Daily Show, practically fixation himself inside a TV broadcasting difficulty and environment it adult for a good tongue-lashing. First on his bulletin was a embarrassing spectacle of reporters chasing Hillary Clinton’s “Scooby Van” in Monticello, Iowa, on Tuesday, anticipating for a shot of her… withdrawal a outpost and entering building?

“Last time anyone in Iowa was this vehement about a wheeled vehicle, a Wells Fargo Wagon was bringing instruments they’d systematic from a charismatic stranger,” Stewart quipped, display off his keen knowledge of musical theater. “There are a lot of good reasons for we to be chasing a van,” he added, like “if a van, perhaps, was a Good Humor truck, and we were 5.”

Then Stewart put on his critical media critique hat, pleading with news networks to stop accidentally and gratuitously replaying video footage of military murdering people, observant that exercise robs a images of their potential and dehumanizes a victims. “We’ve got to passage this trend in a bud, since distinct Blockbuster, these forms of videos aren’t going away,” he said. “The ubiquity or cellphones is distant outpacing military recognition of a ubiquity of cellphones.” Well, during slightest for now. Watch below. —Peter Weber

Article source: http://theweek.com/speedreads/549962/mom-changes-mind-about-vaccines-after-7-children-whooping-cough

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