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Monday Musings: Hard to admit, though Peyton Manning’s mass is gone

I am mostly called a Peyton Manning apologist, that is absurd. we only conclude greatness.

But we am not going to lay here and contend all is right with Manning. Nor will we apologize for his bad play. What we saw Sunday opposite a Kansas City Chiefs, what we’ve seen for many of this season, is zero tighten to greatness.

The existence is that it competence be over for him.

It happens to them all. Father Time is undefeated and untied.

Right now, Father Time appears to be putting a violence on Peyton Manning. we was unequivocally repelled final open when he motionless to play again after articulate to him following his playoff detriment to a Indianapolis Colts. Back then, we wrote that we was assured he was walking away, prepared for a subsequent section in his life.

He looked damaged down that day, though zero like he looked opposite a Chiefs this week. Kansas City picked him off 4 times, though it could have been six. The Broncos sat Manning down in a third entertain — benched him — with a Chiefs heading 22-0. The Broncos had 3 initial downs with Manning on a field. He finished 5 of 20 for 35 yards, 4 picks, dual sacks and was transposed by Brock Osweiler, who did lead a Broncos to 13 points in a 29-13 loss.

It was by distant Manning’s misfortune diversion as a pro on a day that should have been celebrated. Manning upheld Brett Favre as a all-time personality in flitting yards, though when they stopped a diversion to announce a attainment and respect him, he had a demeanour on his face that he knew what was entrance a rest of a day. He looked like a male readying to see a proctologist, not somebody celebrating a moment.

The rest of a diversion contingency have felt as pleasing as that outing to a proctologist. His passes fluttered. His decisions were bad. The Chiefs seemed to be one step faster and one play brazen of Manning. He came into a diversion with rib and feet injuries, though that’s no excuse. If we play, we are accountable.

We’ve come to design that Manning’s arm has mislaid some strength. But what’s confusing now is that he’s creation bad mental decisions that are heading to picks, such as his third one opposite a Chiefs when he didn’t see linebacker Josh Mauga.

Part of me thinks Manning can re-group subsequent week opposite former manager John Fox, now a conduct male of a Chicago Bears. But what we saw opposite a Chiefs, and what we’ve seen many of this season, doesn’t give many wish for a turnaround.

It looks like Peyton Manning hold on one year too long. (USATSI)

In integrity to Manning, his line stinks. The using diversion around him has been bad, and his receivers haven’t always been helpful. But that matters small to a critics. They only bask in his bad play. we can’t tell we a series of tweets we get when Manning plays feeble since we am deliberate a Manning apologist.

Do people unequivocally take fun in saying a good turn a small mortal or worse? What’s a pleasure in that?

What Denver will do relocating brazen is adult in a air. It’s unlikely, during 7-2, that a Broncos would make a change to Osweiler. But if Manning continues to struggle, that has to happen.

Father Time is good upheld knocking on Manning’s door. He’s in a same room now, readying to tell him his time is adult as a player, that is a day we knew was coming, though one some of us who conclude good quarterback didn’t wish to see.

Big problems in a Big Easy

I contend it each week, though since is Rob Ryan still a coordinator of a Saints defense? It one of a misfortune units section in a NFL, and it finished Kirk Cousins demeanour like Sonny Jurgensen in his prime. we know there is a miss of talent on that side of a ball, though it’s absurd how bad they are right now. Dennis Allen needs to take over.

Speaking of a miss of talent, when teams start articulate about Sean Payton as a subsequent coach, they should cruise a talent turn of a Saints. Payton is as obliged for that talent — or miss of — as ubiquitous manager Mickey Loomis. So if a group is deliberation giving Payton sum control, they competence wish to cruise about it. He’s a good coach, who should hang to coaching and not concentration on crew moves.

Also, Mark Ingram competence wish to quit fluttering to defenders as he runs. It’s not a good demeanour when we do it and afterwards get caught.

What’s adult with a Packers?

What is wrong with a Packers? They’ve mislaid 3 true games and a offense looked malnutritioned for many of a detriment to a Lions this week. This is a Lions group that was 31st in a joining in flitting yards per play, and Green Bay seemed mislaid for many of a game.

The Packers receivers didn’t win, their routes looked bad and Aaron Rodgers looked jumpy. They did get it going late, though it took approach too many time. we devise to take a deeper dive into what’s wrong with a Green Bay offense this week, though it certain seemed mislaid opposite a Lions. we wrote final week here that it’s time for manager Mike McCarthy to take over as a play-caller. There’s been adequate of Tom Clements pursuit plays. It’s not working.

The Packers are now 6-3. If a playoffs started right now, they’d be a wild-card team. That’s tough to believe.

Make approach for Vikings

Green Bay would be in that mark since a Vikings kick a Raiders to adult their record to 7-2, a diversion brazen of a Packers. Minnesota did a good pursuit on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr this week and Adrian Peterson ran for 203 yards, including an 80-yard touchdown run to sign it late.

Vikings manager Mike Zimmer is positively in a review to be a Coach of a Year. He waited a prolonged time to get his shot, and Zimmer is display that some of those owners who upheld on him in a talk routine were wrong.

More Musings from Week 10

Cleveland Browns

Is there any doubt that a Browns need to play Johnny Manziel a rest of a way? He looked many some-more gentle opposite a Steelers in his start than he did final week opposite a Bengals. He finished some mistakes, though he threw for 372 yards and a touchdown. Why a Browns would cruise going behind to Josh McCown is a mystery. Their deteriorate is done. Find out if Manziel can grow. Mike Pettine has to know that’s a right thing to do.

Dallas Cowboys

Are a Cowboys done? They mislaid their seventh uninterrupted diversion though Tony Romo, and seem to be in large trouble. But a Giants and Eagles both mislaid this week, that means Dallas still has hope. Barely. They need Romo behind in a misfortune way.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The finale of a Jacksonville-Baltimore diversion was as uncanny as it gets. It seemed Jacksonville ran out of time when Blake Bortles fell down on a final play, though afterwards Elvis Dumervil was called for a facemask penalty. That led to a 53-yard margin idea try by Jason Myers, who nailed it to give a Jaguars a 22-20 victory, their initial highway feat after losing 13 straight. A lot of Ravens players suspicion a Jaguars unsuccessful to get a final play off, though it was transparent they got a play off with one second left. The Dumervil chastisement was a bad mangle for a Ravens … Don’t demeanour now, though Jacksonville has a shot to win a AFC South. The Jags have an easy report a rest of a way, and a Colts competence be personification though Andrew Luck for a while. Is it probable that a Jaguars could horde a playoff game, even during 3-6 right now?

New England Patriots

The Patriots will be hard-pressed to overcome a detriment of Julian Edelman, who pennyless his feet opposite a Giants. His ability to kick male coverage is pivotal to what they do. It will meant some-more is indispensable from guys like Danny Amendola.

New York Giants

When a Giants demeanour behind on their detriment to a Patriots, that came on a last-second margin goal, they will demeanour during a lot of plays that cost them. But a time government decisions late didn’t help. After a prolonged execution put a round on a 6 with 2:06 left, a Patriots had one timeout. The Giants threw it twice and took a pouch on third down to force a Patriots to use their final timeout. That left too many time for Tom Brady to get a margin goal. He had 1:47 when he started a Patriots’ final drive. The Giants could have run it 3 times and left small time on a clock. They botched it. Then again, they did have a touchdown locate by Odell Beckham wiped divided by a controversial replay call. we suspicion it was a touchdown.

Philadelphia Eagles

How is Chip Kelly’s put-together dream group doing? Not so good. Moral of a story: Job is too large for one man.

Pittsburgh Steelers

How tough is Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger? He wasn’t even approaching to play with a sprained left foot, though came off a dais when Landry Jones got harm in a initial entertain and led a Steelers to a 30-9 feat over a Browns. He was 22 of 33 for 379 for 3 touchdowns. He is truly a tough guy.

Seattle Seahawks

What has happened to that Seattle defense? It’s not tighten to a same section we’ve approaching to see diversion in and diversion out. The Cardinals put adult 39 on Sunday night and Carson Palmer illuminated them up. The book on violence them is out: Attack with a pass.

Washington Redskins

I have to give credit to Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins. He was marvellous opposite a Saints. He picked them apart, throwing for 324 yards and 4 touchdowns with a ideal passer rating in a 47-14 blowout. After a game, Cousins and some of his teammates yelled his now-infamous “You Like That” during a camera as they went to a locker room. Here’s what needs to occur for a skeptics — and we am one — to truly trust Cousins is some-more than what we’ve seen in his career so far: String together some good games. The coherence isn’t there. Next week, a Redskins go to Carolina. Win that game, and play well, afterwards a doubts will subside. Until then, he picked on a diseased couple Sunday.

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