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Morning Break: Ebola Fear, Pets, and Football

Published: Oct 17, 2014

News that Dallas nurse Nina Pham’s dog had been quarantined after she tested certain for Ebola apparently influenced adult fears among Ohio pet owners, as state veterinarian Tony Forshey, MD, saw a need to encourage residents that small or no justification suggests that Ebola poses a hazard to their four-legged friends.

Concern about Ebola has even widespread to football, as Rutgers University conduct coach Kyle Flood briefed his group about a standing of a viral illness in Ohio before roving to Columbus to play Ohio State on Saturday.

Although Ebola has dominated a news — health-related and differently — other things continue to happen, including a study from Johns Hopkins display that low-income teenagers bought fewer sweetened sodas and some-more H2O during preference stores after signs were posted saying that a standard 20-oz unchanging soda contains 16 tablespoons of sugarine and 250 calories. The signs also indicated how most earthy activity is compulsory to bake a calories of one unchanging soothing drink.

Another spreading hazard — enterovirus — continues with no fortitude in sight, as a 6-year-old Arizona child died after building symptoms unchanging with a D68 aria of enterovirus, that has already caused a deaths of dual children and disgusted about 700 people in 46 states.

Meanwhile, Venezuela is reportedly having difficulty fighting chikungunya pathogen infections due to shortages of acetaminophen and lab supplies.

A condition called tetrachromacy allows this artist to see 100 million colors.

What do we contend to someone who has clinical anxiety? Boston University clergyman Todd Farchione, PhD, suggests one question, 3 statements, and a form of nonverbal communication.

New York City’s medical investigator reliable that comedian Joan Rivers died from complications of endoscopic throat surgery.

An Australian male on vacation in Bali finished adult in a hospital to get a pleasant spider pulled from his stomach; it had burrowed into his appendectomy scar.

One writer’s summary to Facebook and Apple leaders per their offers of cryopreservation of womanlike employees’ eggs: “You’re creeping me out.”

Have we ever looked during a uncanny mark on a toenail and wondered, “Is that toenail fungus?” Regardless of your answer, if you’re curious, afterwards these tips from a Texas podiatrist are for you.

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