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Most Long Island beaches reopened after germ threat

Most of a thirteen Long Island beaches that were sealed due to concerns about germ levels have been reopened, New York health officials have said.

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The health dialect had systematic 10 North Shore beaches and one on a South Shore to tighten on Saturday. Two beaches in Suffolk County were also closed. In Nassau County, all beaches solely for Biltmore Beach in Massapequa were reopened on Sunday.

Health officials were disturbed that a complicated rains stemming from a leftovers of Hurricane Arthur would emanate a stormwater runoff. This, in turn, could brush germ and lethal pathogens into circuitously streams and bays, that could make them damaging for people to float in. Not usually that, though riptides generated from a whirly could also be dangerous for swimmers, health officials have said.

For some-more information on beach closings and openings in Nassau County, call 516-227-9700.


Article source: http://www.thewestsidestory.net/2014/07/07/14047/long-island-beaches-reopened-bacteria-threat/

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