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Moto X Play Review: Boringly Good

The Moto X name has been compared with Motorola’s flagship smartphones ever given a strange X was launched over dual years ago. The Moto X was a good phone that was let down by a bad camera and battery life, yet a successor bound a battery problem to a vast extent.

2015 represents a dilution of a Moto X brand, initial with a launch of a ‘super flagship’ Moto Turbo, and some-more recently, a phenomenon of not one, yet dual new Moto X smartphones – a Moto X Play and a Moto X Style. The latter is closer to Moto X’s flagship ethos, while a Play is a mid-range charity by today’s standards. So how does Moto X Play perform in a genuine world? Let’s find out.

Design and display
The Moto X Play is another solid, good looking phone from a Motorola’s stables. The phone is flattering normal in a pattern and layout, detached from a SIM-plus-microSD tray that sits on a tip edge. The tray pops out to exhibit dual Nano SIM slots on one side and space for a microSD label on a other. We utterly favourite this idea, yet if we are someone who likes to cocktail microSD cards in and out frequently, we competence be disturbed by a fact we will remove mobile coverage each time we do that.

The behind side of this tray facilities a microSD slot
The behind side of this tray facilities a microSD slot

The behind cover can be private to get a glance of a large battery. However, a Moto X Play is blank any kind of H2O resistance, that is a disappointment, generally deliberation that’s one of a facilities we unequivocally favourite in a some-more affordable Moto G 3rd generation (Review).

The Moto X Play comes with a 5.5-inch full-HD arrangement that looks good and is splendid adequate to get a pursuit finished even outdoors. The observation angles are decent and altogether we have no complaints about a shade on a Moto X Play.

Performance and battery life
You don’t design a smartphone during this cost to onslaught with bland tasks, and, mercifully, a Moto X Play didn’t infer to be aberration. The smartphone comes with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC along with 2GB of RAM, and we didn’t knowledge any lags with a unit. Games like Asphalt 8 ran uniformly yet any problems.

We perceived a 32GB territory of a Moto X Play, that had 25.45GB of user-accessible storage. There’s a reduce labelled 16GB various as well, yet given a minimal cost disproportion between a two, you’d be softened off opting for a one with some-more built-in storage. If we can’t, worry not as a Moto X Play supports both microSD (up to 128GB) and USB OTG storage enlargement options.

We didn’t knowledge any heating issues during a 20 notation event personification Asphalt 8 or while sharpened mixed 2 to 3 notation videos in discerning succession. However, a Moto X Play does tend to get a small comfortable during bland use – not adequate to be unconformable, yet it’s something we are expected to notice.

The Moto X Play comes with a large 3630mAh battery, one of a standout specifications of a smartphone in further to a 21-megapixel behind camera. In real-world usage, a Moto X Play managed to final a day of use, yet we were down to a final dregs of a battery’s ability come end-of-day, like many other smartphones. This was a bit of warn given a distance of a battery and a genuine universe knowledge of other users.

The large Moto X Play battery

Indeed, a Moto X Play achieved superbly in a video loop battery test, clocking scarcely 12 hours of playback time. We would put a knowledge with a battery life down to a fact we spend many of a time during places with bad network connectivity, that means a dungeon radio is operative harder than it should. Indeed ‘Mobile Standby’ was always one of a top consumers of battery life in Android’s battery use reports on a Moto X Play. Call peculiarity in bad network areas also seemed worse than what we knowledge with other phones, yet given a pitiable state of telecom networks in a country, it’s always formidable to discern possibly one should censure a network or a phone.

Software and camera
We recently reviewed a Moto G 3rd era and a program on a Moto X Play is probably matching to what’s on a some-more affordable sibling. If we are looking for a discerning overview of a program features, we advise we conduct over to a Moto G (Gen. 3) review and give a program territory a read. Go on, we’ll wait for we until you’re done.

Back? Good. Now let’s speak about a one underline that’s benefaction in both a Moto X Play and a Moto G 3rd gen, yet we neglected to discuss in a examination of a latter. We are articulate about Moto Assist, Motorola’s take on practical assistants that can perform some elementary tasks. The app can do elementary things like changing your presentation settings while we are home and announcing a names of callers and SMS senders when are driving, among others. The app is rather singular compared to a likes of Tasker, yet it could find some takers.

Moto Assist
Moto Assist

The strange Moto X and a inheritor were both really good phones that were let down by their tedious camera performance. Motorola has looked to residence this by putting a beast 21-megapixel behind camera sensor inside a Moto X Play as good as a Moto X Style, a latter being a loyal devout inheritor to a strange Moto X smartphones. But how does a new sensor perform in a genuine world? Rather well.

Outdoors and when there’s copiousness of light, a camera on a Moto X Play captures attractive images with some-more fact than many phones in this cost range. However, if we use autofocus with tap-to-click (the default mode on a camera app), images tend to be only a small bit underexposed, that also skews correctness of a colours reproduced a small bit.

Moto X Play representation day shot with autofocus

The autofocus woes are worse in low light, with a camera holding longer – and during times even unwell – to find concentration properly. If we switch to a tap-to-focus mode, a formula are most better, yet images still tend to have some volume of noise. Overall, a behind camera opening is acceptable for a non-flagship smartphone.

Moto X Play representation low light shot with daub to concentration on a numbers – click to perspective full size

The front camera opening is satisfactory, as are a videos taken by a behind camera. The Moto X Play does a good pursuit of refocusing as we vessel in video mode, yet it isn’t always means to concentration on apart objects. You can daub to take still photos while sharpened a video. The camera app that ships with a Moto X Play is matching to a one on a Moto G 3rd generation, so we’ll again impute we behind to a review of Moto G (Gen. 3) should we wish to know some-more about a kind of options on offer.

The Moto X Play is a plain if unspectacular performer, with no genuine underline that stands out – as is clear from a ratings. It has a large battery and an softened camera, both of that perform sufficient in a genuine world, yet not significantly softened than a peers to make a Play an undisputed collect in a cost bracket. On a flip side, a phone doesn’t significantly miss in any dialect either.

The Moto X Play lacks a bells and whistles that competence make we wish to cruise it over other companies’ flagships, yet afterwards it’s not positioned as a flagship – a Moto X Style can worry about that. On paper, a Moto X Play is identical to a Yu Yureka Plus (Review), that is a really good phone that sells for half this price, yet is let down by doubt outlines over a long-term trustworthiness and complaints about Yu’s bad service.

Motorola has a most softened record in terms of support as good as program updates. No warn afterwards that a Moto X Play has a likes of a OnePlus 2 (Review) in sight. If we are confused between a two, we would give a Moto a slight edge, not slightest since we can buy it yet any con and still have some money to spare.

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