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Motorhead fan’s mind bleeds from headbanging

But a Hanover doctors advise a risk could be rather greater.

They trawled by scholarship publications and found 3 other cases of
subdural haematoma caused by headbanging, one of that caused remarkable death.

“Even yet there are usually a few documented cases of subdural haematomas, the
occurrence might be aloft since a symptoms of this form of mind injury
are mostly clinically wordless or means usually amiable headache that resolves
spontaneously,” pronounced Dr Ariyan Pirayesh Islamian.

The Lancet, that reported a Jan 2013 case, pronounced a studious was
differently healthy, had no story of conduct injuries and denied any drug abuse.

The arrogance is that headbanging caused high acceleration and deceleration
of mind tissue, heading little blood vessels in a mind to burst.

He might also have had a little protuberance during that spot, that would have helped rupture
a vessels.

The studious underwent keyhole medicine to empty a draining and was discharged
after 8 days. His headaches subsided and a check dual months after gave
him a all-clear.

“This box serves as justification in support of Motorhead’s repute as one of
a many hardcore rock’n'roll acts on Earth, if zero else since of
their music’s foul speed expostulate and a dangerous intensity for
headbanging fans to humour mind injury,” a alloy said.

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/germany/10945375/Motorhead-fans-brain-bleeds-from-headbanging.html

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