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Motorola Moto G Users Get Heads Up On Lollipop

While some Android users are starting to consternation either or not they will ever get a Android 5.0 handling complement upgrade, it appears initial era Motorola Moto G owners have gotten a news their ascent to a handling complement famous as Lollipop is entrance soon. Of course, as with many things Android, a good news does come with a bit of a caveat. The summary that has been sent out to Motorola Moto G users includes a warning that if they have not downloaded a latest chronicle of a Update Services they will not be means to get Lollipop.

The note, according to Mobile Syrup tells users they can design a ascent in a entrance weeks but, as usual, doesn’t give a some-more specific timeframe about when a users can expect. To indeed get a upgrade, a fact that users need to make certain and have a latest upgrade, could also be seen as utterly annoying; solely that Android has indeed helped them find out, as prolonged as they know what to do.

Phone Arena has clearly burst a formula that was maybe a small too tough than it indispensable to be. In a message, there are dual options once Motorola Moto G users have review it. There is a choice to simply click “OK” and that will only boot a summary entirely. The other choice is to click on a “more info” tab. If users click “more info” they will find out either they have a latest chronicle of Motorola Update Services. If this step is skipped and if a Motorola Moto G does get a newest update, afterwards they also won’t be removing Lollipop.

At initial glance, this seems like a rather large publicity of a iPhone. Those who are not on tip of all that needs to be finished will not be removing a new handling system. Worse yet, there is no denote when people who have not upgraded will get another shot during Lollipop. It’s probable that when a ascent to Update Services is finally finished Lollipop will be there watchful for a Motorola Moto G user. It’s also probable a same user will have to go by a series of irritating stairs in sequence to get behind on a list for Lollipop.

Article source: http://www.jbgnews.com/2015/02/motorola-moto-g-users-get-heads-up-on-lollipop/231701.html

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