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MVC Hashes Out Details for Automotive Garage on Problematic Site – The Vineyard Gazette

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission this week continued a examination of a formidable offer to build a an automotive garage and parking area on only over a half hactare in Vineyard Haven.

The devise on High Point Lane will need regrading a bank that drops about 30 feet from easterly to west, and stealing roughly all of a trees there, including some on an adjoining city property. While display ubiquitous support for a project, commissioners have lifted concerns about a detriment of leaflet and a power of use on a site.

The applicant is Joe DeBettencourt of Oak Bluffs. The 5,166-square feet devise is underneath examination as a growth of informal impact (DRI) given it involves a blurb building incomparable than 3,000 block feet.

A revised site devise seen by a elect Thursday reduced a series of parking spots from 22 to 19 by creation some of them wider, and combined a slight frame of immature space nearby a behind of a lot. But that did small to prove some of a commissioners.

DRI coordinator Paul Foley suggested that shortening a series of parking spots had been an try to equivocate zoning regulations that would need a five-foot vegetative aegis and a tree each 8 spots. He forked out that MVC policies already need a tree each 8 spots.

But Mr. DeBettencourt argued that a wider spots would also accommodate incomparable vehicles, that make adult a poignant apportionment of his stream business in Oak Bluffs. He pronounced it would be formidable to supplement some-more immature space, given trucks would need a 60-foot branch radius to get into a garage. The 10 regular-sized spots would be closer to a road.

Echoing a initial open conference in October, commissioner Kathy Newman pronounced she upheld a devise in ubiquitous though also pulpy for additional immature space, presumably by stealing some of a parking spots.

Mr. DeBettencourt pronounced any new plantings would need to be closer to a corner of a skill to concede vehicles to maneuver, though that would meant pulling a parking spots closer to a building.

“I do wish to put behind some trees,” he said, “but we don’t know where we would indeed put them.”

Other commissioners seemed reduction endangered about vegetation, given a skill already lies within a blurb district with industrial uses. Commissioner Lenny Jason Jr. remarkable a H2O tower, trailers and parking lot in a evident area.

“I honour a thought of foliage,” pronounced commissioner Ernie Thomas. “But this is a blurb zoned area. we don’t consider we can design to see a lot of trees there.”

The devise would also embody maintaining walls — trimming from 4 to 12 feet high — on all 4 sides of a property. Mr. DeBettencourt hopes to obtain an easement to revoke a corner of a town-owned skill to a east, that would revoke a tallness of a maintaining wall on that side. The Tisbury selectmen have permitted a project, theme to capitulation by city play and a MVC.

Dan Seidman, authority of a Tisbury formulation board, had concerns about a detriment of permeability on a site, though was fervent to approve a landscaping devise that would urge a town-owned property, including a five-foot aegis along a road. He concluded to breeze a minute to a elect surveying his concerns.

Commissioner Joan Malkin concluded with her colleagues that a skill was not really attractive. “But that doesn’t meant we need to continue on that trajectory,” she said. She suggested that a zoning opposite competence concede for a smaller reversal and some-more leaflet between a maintaining wall and a adjoining skill to a west.

“It is not a many pleasing district,” she added. “But that highway is trafficked by so many people. And it would be good . . . if we could keep it looking respectable and as sensuous as possible.”

The elect voted unanimously to send a devise on to a land use formulation committee, a subsequent step in a examination process. MVC staff members will work with Mr. DeBettencourt to rise a list of probable conditions, with a final preference approaching Dec. 3.

In other business, a elect voted unanimously not to need a alteration examination for an affordable housing devise during 6 Water travel in Vineyard Haven, that it authorized final year. To concede for disabled access, a new building will be 18 inches wider; and to approve with glow code, it will use cement-board siding instead of cedar shingles. The building will also not be built on pilings, as creatively planned, though will have a possess drainage system. The developer, Island Housing Trust, intends to plant 7 new trees along Water and Beach streets and to keep an existent elm.

Article source: http://vineyardgazette.com/news/2015/11/07/mvc-hashes-out-details-automotive-garage-problematic-site

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