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Mya Denies Jay-Z Affair: ‘Never Did, Never Was, Never Will’

The ‘Case of a Ex’ thespian clears a conjecture that Beyonce’s father has been intrigue with her, observant that she ‘plays second to no one.’

RB thespian Mya denied a sparking gossip that she and Jay-Z had been personally dating for a prolonged time, job it another “illegitimate” try by a media to qualification “ratings and numbers.” She wrote on her Instagram on Thursday, Jul 3, “Never did, never was, never will. Illegitimate, parched sources with no contribution and that’s a ‘media’ for you-especially today.”

The matter was a response to a user seeking about a rumor. “Heard we and Jay-Z had an 11-year affair,” a fan wrote, “Are we his side chicky or nah?”

The conjecture came after Beyonce Knowles‘ fans claimed she hinted during her husband’s infidelity in a unison during their “On a Run” debate on Saturday, Jul 28. Performing “Resentment”, that is about man’s infidelity, in a white fit and spousal veil, a 32-year-old mom altered a lyrics from “been roving with we for 6 years” into “been roving with we for twelve years.” Considering her attribute with Jay-Z that has lasted for 12 years, fans fast speculated that a lane was about adultery in her possess marriage.

A new blind object suggested that a “99 Problems” rapper had been dating and financially ancillary Mya for a prolonged time. Mya refuted a claim, writing, “I play second to no one, compensate my possess bills, have my possess label, possess government company, rest on God usually and honour myself matrimony too most for nonsense.”

The thespian continued, “False rumors are crafted for ratings numbers. And miserable, unfortunate people need someone to decider to deter a courtesy divided from their possess wretchedness and feel improved about their miserable lives. If they did it to Jesus, they’ll do it to anyone. God bless.”

Jay-Z has not responded to a rumor. Meanwhile, nonetheless Beyonce hasn’t privately addressed a speculations over her “Resentment” occurrence or Jay-Z’s intrigue rumor, a thespian posted happy cinema of her family in her blog that seemed to prove that her matrimony is alright.

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