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Mysterious Bright Spots Seen in New Photos of Dwarf Planet Ceres

More than 10 years after a Hubble Space telescope prisoner splendid white spots on a dwarf world Ceres, a Dawn probe is prepared to get to a bottom of a poser — only not utterly yet. The latest photos from Dawn, taken on Feb. 12 during a stretch of 52,000 miles from a cratered aspect of Ceres, uncover a white areas in larger fact than ever before, though it’s not adequate for scientists to brand their cause.

Are they bleached mountains? Surface encrusted with ice from water vents? Frozen crater-bound lakes?

“We approaching to be surprised; we did not design to be this puzzled,” pronounced Dawn’s principal investigator, Chris Russell, in a JPL press release concomitant a latest pictures.

This clarity of awe can’t final long: Dawn is scheduled to enter circuit around Ceres (the 590-mile-wide dwarf world located in a asteroid belt between a orbits of Mars and Jupiter) in only a few weeks, and gradually closer imagery might exhibit a tip of a spots even before then. Until that time, however, it is an sparkling and singular conditions to have a poser of heavenly proportions fibbing in the possess vast behind yard.



—Devin Coldewey

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/science/space/mysterious-bright-spots-seen-new-photos-dwarf-planet-ceres-n307886

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