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NASA OKs Sunday Spacewalk, Says Astronaut Helmet Water Leak Not a Threat

A little bit of H2O that leaked into an astronaut’s helmet after a spacewalk on Wednesday poses no threat, clearing a approach for another tour Sunday to supply a International Space Station for new space taxis, NASA pronounced on Friday. Space hire moody operative Terry Virts was behind in a station’s airlock on Wednesday following a successful spacewalk when he beheld dampness in his helmet. Virts, who was creation his second spacewalk in a week, was never in any danger, NASA said. Engineers trust that about 0.5 unit (15 ml) of precipitation seeped into Virts’ helmet as a airlock was repressurized. “It doesn’t always happen. It mostly depends on how cold a organisation member’s spacesuit is,” Alex Kaneloakos, lead spacewalk officer, pronounced during a NASA Television talk on Friday. Mission managers trust they know a quirks with this comparison fit and insist it is protected to use for Sunday’s spacewalk. There have been 7 other identical instances on this sold suit, Kanelakos said. “It’s a famous feature,” he said. Another wanderer nearly drowned during a Jul 2013 spacewalk due to a helmet leak. That tour was fast aborted and NASA dangling spacewalks while engineers attempted to figure out a cause.

On Sunday’s third scheduled outing, Virts and spacewalk partner Barry “Butch” Wilmore, a station’s commander, are to ready parking spots for blurb space taxis underneath growth by Boeing and secretly owned SpaceX. The astronauts devise to implement a communications complement a visiting vehicles will use to navigate to a station. They will implement another 400 feet of wire as good as dual antennas. About 364 feet of energy and information lines were laid during a initial dual spacewalks, final Saturday and Wednesday.



— Reuters and The Associated Press

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/science/space/nasa-oks-sunday-spacewalk-says-astronaut-helmet-water-leak-not-n314276

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