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NASCAR had no genuine choice though to postpone Matt Kenseth

NASCAR deserves many of a censure for what it did Tuesday to Matt Kenseth.

Blame NASCAR for formulating a practical win-at-all-costs format with a still comparatively new Chase for a Sprint Cup. Blame NASCAR for lighting a wick by celebrating an at-best equivocal unwashed pierce by Joey Logano to win during Kansas. Blame NASCAR for carrying set fashion by not suspending Jeff Gordon 3 years ago.

Kenseth did what some people would cruise a right thing during a many wrong of times during Martinsville. And for that, while interesting many of a blame, NASCAR was positively fit in arising a two-race cessation to a Joe Gibbs Racing driver.

Kenseth would like to disagree that he had reason to dump Logano since Logano dumped him during Kansas, holding divided Kenseth’s best chance, during a time, to allege to a Eliminator Round of a Chase. He could supplement that Logano’s Penske Racing teammate, Brad Keselowski, took divided his possibility to win a foe during Martinsville, when he unintentionally ran into him progressing in Sunday’s foe as partial of a jockeying on restarts.

Kenseth parked 2 races for wrecking Logano

NASCAR has dangling Sprint Cup motorist Matt Kenseth for dual races after he wrecked personality Joey Logano with 47 laps remaining in a Goody’s 500 on Sunday during Martinsville Speedway.

  • McGee: NASCAR double customary — fans lust for Kenseth-Logano fight, afterwards cry foul

    We can’t watch Matt Kenseth pile-drive Joey Logano and afterwards get angry and doubt a amiability of it all after we all giddily expected that really scenario.

  • Oreovicz: Is Kenseth vs. Logano ‘quintessential NASCAR’ or vigilante justice?

    You can call Matt Kenseth’s wrecking Joey Logano on Sunday during Martinsville “quintessential NASCAR” or a genuine calamity for a sport. Either way, we competence be right.

  • And Kenseth would be right.

    But only like in baseball, a formula would contend that if a actor creates a hard, cleats-up slip that injures a player, afterwards promulgation a beanball to his conduct his subsequent time to a image would send a message. The league’s response would be, fit by actor formula or not, a pitcher who throws a beanball afterwards gets suspended.

    This is similar. Kenseth sent a summary to Logano not to foe him fast as he did during Kansas. Logano, who didn’t have to spin Kenseth deliberation he had already won during Charlotte and therefore had modernized to a subsequent turn of a Chase anyway, was totally unrepentant for his move. It irritated Kenseth, and he responded with a pierce that many drivers would extol as he righted a wrong finished to him during Kansas. Now Kenseth contingency compensate a price.

    Some would cruise a two-race punishment, when already out of a Chase, value it, some-more an impact on his wallet and reputation. Such is a cost for fortifying one’s respect in this complement NASCAR created.

    The 2003 Sprint Cup champion — who, let’s not forget, once undone Gordon to a indicate of a postrace rumpus during Bristol — did something totally unwashed and tighten to ashamed during Martinsville in response to a format that allows and even encourages some nastiness. Although Kenseth didn’t privately acknowledge he intentionally wrecked Logano, a approach he didn’t try to equivocate a strike after it happened and a repairs to both cars is convincing enough.

    Many fans have pronounced on amicable media Kevin Harvick‘s pierce during Talladega a week progressing was only as convincing, though relocating to a aloft line in hopes of removing a pull is a legitimate adequate evidence during Talladega to emanate doubt. Such small doubt exists in Kenseth’s pierce that NASCAR had to take action.

    The other cause tough to omit — nonetheless misleading either it had an impact on NASCAR’s preference — is Kenseth’s actions helped his teammates Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards. He substantially had no goal of assisting his teammates, though NASCAR should take that residual outcome utterly severely deliberation a attraction to any group member utilizing formula for a assistance of another.

    Also, don’t forget Kenseth finished 14th during Kansas, that by itself wouldn’t discharge Kenseth from a Chase. Three drivers — Harvick, Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr. — all modernized into a Eliminator Round with one foe finish worse than 14th. So if Kenseth didn’t have a difficulty during slightest partial of his possess doing a week progressing during Charlotte, a mutilate during Kansas didn’t hurt Kenseth’s chances, generally when 8 allege compared to a 4 out of a stream round.

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