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Nat Geo Takes Viewers Into Operating Room on BRAIN SURGERY LIVE Tonight

Nat Geo Takes Viewers Into Operating Room on BRAIN SURGERY LIVE Tonight

National Geographic Channel (NGC; @NatGeoChannel), in a partnership with Mental Floss (@mental_floss), will constraint a play of an watchful low mind kick (DBS) surgery, a modern-day medical marvel, to applaud a many formidable machine, a tellurian brain. Produced by Leftfield Pictures, Brain Surgery Live with Mental Floss (#BrainSurgeryLive) will mix live coverage from a handling room during University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center (@UHhospitals) in Cleveland, Ohio – a initial on U.S. radio – with preproduced facilities that account what Science and medicine have historically taught us about a brain, and what is nonetheless to be discovered.

The live two-hour special premieres in a U.S. tonight, Oct. 25, during 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on NGC and Nat Geo Mundo, and globally in 171 countries and 45 languages (live in some regions, live to fasten in others). For some-more information, revisit a press room during foxflash.com and follow @NGC_PR on Twitter.

DBS medicine was authorized by a United States Food and Drug Administration to provide essential shock in 1997 and Parkinson’s illness in 2002. While it has turn some-more straightforwardly available, this ethereal procession is achieved usually during name medical centers – like UH Case Medical Center – that have a lerned physicians, nurses and technicians, and specialized apparatus it requires.

“From a Emmy-nominated array BRAIN GAMES to Brain Surgery Live with Mental Floss, we continue to applaud a brain, moving and feeding viewers’ consternation and CURIOSITY about a many formidable and puzzling organ in a tellurian body,” pronounced Tim Pastore, president, strange programming production, National Geographic Channel. “We’re charity a real-time demeanour into a core of a vital mind that we wish will irradiate and teach, as good as tell a story that is unforgettable.”

“Deep mind kick procedures are changing lives in hospitals all opposite a world. By partnering with National Geographic Channel, we have entrance to this modern-day medical marvel,” pronounced Will Pearson, co-founder of Mental Floss. “From a story of a mind to a insubordinate swell forward in neuroscience, we’re going to give a truly mind-bending demeanour during a brain, providing viewers with a deeper bargain of their gray matter.”

“By partnering with National Geographic and Mental Floss, twin implausible brands with a passion for exploring science, we wish to denounce mind surgery, abating a fear and tarnish of this operation,” pronounced Dr. Jonathan Miller, neurosurgeon and executive of a Center for Functional and Restorative Neurosurgery during University Hospitals Case Medical Center. “We wish that this live promote of a low mind kick medicine will teach viewers and offer a endless demeanour during this cutting-edge surgery.”

Executive Producer and Leftfield Entertainment President David George added, “It’s intensely delightful to offer National Geographic viewers around a universe a possibility to share in a life-changing medical experience, as it is happening, to prominence a unusual talent and joining of a eminent medical group and institution, and to irradiate a wonders and complexities of a tellurian brain.”

Brain Surgery Live will take viewers into a cutting-edge handling room during a DBS surgery, an elective procession in that an opening is done in a skull to entrance a brain. The mind is operated on while a studious is entirely watchful and means to pronounce with a neurosurgeons and neurologists. Because a studious is awake, a neurologists know where to aim electrodes and afterwards put a studious by a array of tests to establish either or not they’ve pinpointed a influenced area of a brain. The studious will be identified closer to a live taping after undergoing a far-reaching operation of screening and testing.

In a high-tech handling room during UH Case Medical Center in Cleveland, prolongation will allow twin manned, handheld cameras in a high-tech handling room, as good as several robotic cameras with inputs directly into a doctors’ surgical equipment. As a result, via a live broadcast, viewers will see EXACTLY what a neurosurgery group is seeing: up-close, live images of a mind as it is being operated on in genuine time.

In addition, Brain Surgery Live with Mental Floss will implement a hospital’s cutting-edge Surgical Theater 3D surgical simulator. Developed in partial during UH Case Medical Center, a simulator is a usually law and FDA-cleared height for neurosurgical preoperative planning, now accessible in usually 5 hospitals in a United States. With a use of 3D imaging, a Surgical Theater is used to “game plan” or map out a surgery, improving a cognisance before to entering a handling room.

Creatively guided by Mental Floss, viewers will learn a good understanding about a brain, including cutting-edge technologies used in surgery, how practical existence is changing medicine, what Science can reap from a investigate of famous brains, how masculine and womanlike smarts compare, how a mind influences creativity and how a mind interacts with a rest of a tellurian body.

Host Bryant Gumbel will beam viewers by a live medicine and a tour of twists and turns of tellurian gray matter. Joining him by a live coverage of a procession is consultant commentator and neurosurgeon Dr. Rahul Jandial, who provides discernment into a tough Science behind this operation; co-host, Science publisher and horde of a podcast “Talk Nerdy” Cara Santa Maria (@CaraSantaMaria). also lends her imagination and provides amicable commentary.

About a Production Team

Brain Surgery Live with Mental Floss is constructed by Leftfield Pictures for National Geographic Channels, with Brent Montgomery, David George, Shawn Witt, Gretchen Palek, Robert Wheelock and Scott Miller portion as executive producers. Joe Michaels is director. For Mental Floss, Will Pearson and Mangesh Hattikudur offer as executive producers. For National Geographic Channels, Char Serwa and Mike J. Miller are executive producers and Tim Pastore is president, strange programming production.

Live promote writer Wheelock is a rarely achieved newsroom personality with an endless credentials in violation news and domestic coverage. Production credits embody Al Jazeera America, ABC NEWS SPECIAL Events, “Good Morning America” and a “TODAY Show.”

An eight-time Emmy award-winning executive and two-time Director’s Guild of America honoree, Michaels is an attention dignitary in studio and live eventuality radio directing. Production credits embody a Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi, Russia; a World Series; a Super Bowl; Wimbledon Tennis; NBC “Game of a Week;” a Orange Bowl; a Hula Bowl and NBC “SportsWorld.” Michaels also has destined commercials, theatre productions and special events.

About a Neurosurgical Team

Originally founded scarcely 150 years ago, UH Case Medical Center is a primary associate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and is nationally ranked by US News World Report in 9 adult specialties, including neurology and neurosurgery. UH Case Medical Center is a pioneering establishment in a margin of DBS and also helped rise a Surgical Theater 3D surgical simulator that will be seen in a National Geographic broadcast.

Dr. Jonathan Miller is director, Center for Functional and Restorative Neurosurgery, UH Case Medical Center. He is also associate highbrow and clamp chair for educational affairs, Department of Neurosurgery, Case Western Reserve University. Miller is house approved in neurologic surgery, and his special interests embody neuromodulation, epilepsy surgery, DBS, transformation disorders, neuropathic pain, cognitive/mood disorders, drug delivery, marginal haughtiness medicine and dire mind injury.

Dr. Jennifer Sweet is partner professor, neurosurgery, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and is a neurosurgeon who works with Dr. Miller during UH Case Medical Center in a organic and physic neurosurgical area. Her other special interests embody neuromodulation, DBS for transformation disorders and psychiatric disorders, pain stimulation, drug delivery, dire mind damage and marginal haughtiness disorders.

Dr. Benjamin Walter is director, Parkinson’s Movement Disorders Center, and medical executive of a Deep Brain Stimulation Program during UH Case Medical Center. He is an associate highbrow of neurology during Case Western Reserve University and is house approved in neurology. His special interests embody DBS, dystonia, organic MRI, transformation disorders, Parkinson’s illness and tremors.

About Host Bryant Gumbel

One of television’s many achieved broadcasters, Bryant Gumbel was with NBC for over 20 years where he hosted a TODAY module for 15 years, longer than anyone in that show’s history. In Apr 1995, Gumbel began hosting “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel.” Already respected with 26 Emmys, twin Columbia DuPont awards, and a Peabody, HBO Sports’ renowned magazine-style module explores a issues, controversies and personalities that are prevalent in a universe of sports. He has gathered a remarkably different array of credits. He has interviewed superpower leaders and SUPER BOWL heroes and has lonesome unfamiliar wars, elections, general summits and Presidential inaugurations. Besides his countless Emmy awards, Gumbel has perceived a United Negro College Fund’s top honor, a Frederick D. Patterson Award, as good as a Martin LUTHER King Award from a Congress of Racial Equality and 3 NAACP Image Awards.

About Co-Host Dr. Rahul Jandial

Rahul Jandial, M.D., Ph.D., is twin lerned as a mind surgeon and scientist operative during City of Hope Cancer Center in Los Angeles for patients that have mind cancers. As a surgeon, he pioneers and performs new operations that are reduction invasive. As a scientist, a Jandial Laboratory focuses on preventing breast cancers from swelling to a brain. Dr. Jandial also serves a tellurian village by heading surgical missions in Central and South America, and Eastern Europe for children with mind diseases.

About Co-Host Cara Santa Maria

Cara Santa Maria is an award-winning Science communicator, publisher and podcaster. She has created for a Huffington Post and was a first Science match and horde of a “Talk Nerdy to Me” web series. She now hosts a podcast “Talk Nerdy,” and is a co-host of “TechKnow” on Al Jazeera America and “The Skeptics’ Guide to a Universe” podcast. Cara is also a contributing match on “SoCal Connected” in Los Angeles, recently garnering an Emmy endowment for Best Reporter in a Feature Segment for her story “Natural History Museum’s Citizen Science Insect Labeling Project”. Previously, she hosted and constructed a daily show, “TakePart Live” on Pivot TV. Prior to her media career, Cara taught biology and psychology courses to high propagandize students and college undergraduates in Texas and New York. She has a passion for Science education. She has also achieved clinical and laboratory investigate on several topics, trimming from a neuropsychology of blindness to computational neurophysiology to adult neurogenesis in songbirds.

About National Geographic Channels

Based during a National Geographic Society domicile in Washington, D.C., a National Geographic Channels US are a corner try between National Geographic and FOX Networks. The Channels minister to a National Geographic Society’s joining to exploration, charge and preparation with smart, innovative programming and increase that directly support a mission. Launched in Jan 2001, National Geographic Channel (NGC) CELEBRATED a fifth anniversary with a entrance of NGC HD. In 2010, a wildlife and healthy story wire channel NAT GEO WILD was launched, and in 2011, a Spanish-language network Nat Geo Mundo was unveiled. The Channels have carriage with all of a nation’s vital cable, telco and satellite radio providers, with NGC now accessible in scarcely 90 million U.S. homes. Globally, National Geographic Channel is accessible in some-more than 440 million homes in 171 countries and 45 languages. For some-more information, revisit natgeotv.com, find us on Facebook during facebook.com/NatGeoTVUS or follow @NatGeoChannel on Twitter and Instagram.

About Mental Floss

Mental Floss is an award-winning media code during a intersection of believe and entertainment. Our world-class artistic talent delivers worldly and sharable calm on all from Science and story to cocktail enlightenment and a arts. Mental Floss reaches some-more than 17 million intent millennials any month by mentalfloss.com, a mental_floss Youtube channel, a magazine, amicable media, live events, e-commerce and book publishing. The code has won 3 uninterrupted Webby Awards and has been famous as No. 1 on Mashable’s list of “Twitter Feeds That Will Make You Smarter.” For some-more information, revisit www.mentalfloss.com.

About Leftfield Pictures

Leftfield Pictures, best famous for producing dermatitis strike “Pawn Stars” for History and spawning a “hidden treasures” genre of programming, produces an array of projects opposite a broadcast, wire and digital landscape, including: “Counting Cars” (History), “Blood, Sweat and Heels” (Bravo), “Alone” (History), “Cutting It: In a ATL” (WE tv) and “Football Town: Barrow Alaska” (NFL Network). Upcoming array embody “Lost and Found” (Discovery Family) and a NatGeo special Billy a Kid: New Evidence with Kevin Costner. Leftfield has additional array in prolongation and growth with networks including Bravo, History, Lifetime, Discovery, VH1, fyi, E!, ANIMAL Planet, HGTV and more. Leftfield Pictures is partial of Leftfield Entertainment, an ITV Studios company. Other Leftfield Entertainment companies embody Sirens Media (“Real Housewives of New Jersey”), Loud TV (“Tiny House Nation”), Outpost Entertainment (“Forged in Fire”) and RIOT Creative.

Article source: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/Nat-Geo-to-Take-Viewers-Into-Operating-Room-on-BRAIN-SURGERY-LIVE-1025-20151023

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