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NBA 3-Point Contest 2015: Participant List, Historical Records and More

The NBA is now installed with sharpshooters who transcend from prolonged range, that is because a 2015 All-Star weekend Three-Point Contest could infer to be one of a biggest of all time.

Golden State Warriors stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will take core theatre as they get set to paint a organisation that shoots a league-best 39 percent from over a arc. While they might be a co-favorites in this event, they will have copiousness of foe as well.

Some of a biggest players in NBA story have Three-Point Contest titles on their resume, and there is no doubt that both Splash Brothers would adore to supplement that to their particular prize cases.

Anticipation for this eventuality is as high as ever interjection to a star energy it will contain. What follows is a outline of all we need to know about a 2015 Three-Point Contest and a story of a event.


List of Participants

2015 Three-Point Contest Participants

Kyrie Irving
Cleveland Cavaliers
Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson
Golden State Warriors
Marco Belinelli
San Antonio Spurs
Wesley Matthews
Portland Trail Blazers
JJ Redick
Los Angeles Clippers
James Harden
Houston Rockets
Kyle Korver
Atlanta Hawks



Three-Point Contest Info

Start Time: Saturday, Feb. 14, during 8:30 p.m. ET (third eventuality of night)


Where: Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York

Live StreamTNT Overtime

MobileNBA Game Time



The NBA Three-Point Contest is arguably a many sparkling foe of All-Star weekend, yet there aren’t many frills in terms of a rules.

The joining described a format in a press release Thursday: 

In a two-round competition, 5 sharpened locations are positioned around a three-point arc. Four of a racks enclose 4 orange balls (each value one point) and one multi-colored ‘money’ turn (worth dual points). The fifth shelve will be a special ‘all income ball’ rack, that any member can place during any of a 5 sharpened locations. Every turn on this shelve will be value dual points. The players have one notation to fire as many as a 25 balls as they can. The 3 competitors with a top scores in a initial turn allege to a championship round.

The 3 finalists will run by a same march again, and whoever wins that head-to-head-to-head conflict will be crowned champion.


All-Time Three-Point Contest Winners

Previous Three-Point Contest Winners

Winner, Team
Marco Belinelli, San Antonio
Kyrie Irving, Cleveland
Kevin Love, Minnesota
James Jones, Miami
Paul Pierce, Boston
Daequan Cook, Miami
Jason Kapono, Toronto
Jason Kapono, Miami
Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas
Quentin Richardson, Phoenix
Voshon Lenard, Denver
Peja Stojakovic, Sacramento
Peja Stojakovic, Sacramento
Ray Allen, Milwaukee
Jeff Hornacek, Utah
Jeff Hornacek, Utah
Steve Kerr, Chicago
Tim Legler, Washington
Glen Rice, Miami
Mark Price, Cleveland
Mark Price, Cleveland
Craig Hodges, Chicago
Craig Hodges, Chicago
Craig Hodges, Chicago
Dale Ellis, Seattle
Larry Bird, Boston
Larry Bird, Boston
Larry Bird, Boston



Greatest Three-Point Contest Performers

Larry Bird

Several good shooters have managed to win a Three-Point Contest on mixed occasions, yet Boston Celtics fable Larry Bird was a initial to three-peat as he cowed a eventuality a initial 3 times it was hold in 1986, 1987 and 1988.

Bird was generally considerable in a initial eventuality as he nailed 11 true shots during one point. That implausible coherence done him really formidable to beat.

As seen in this print pleasantness of 2015 NBA All-Star on Twitter, he had a long-range sharpened cadence down pat:

An evidence can be done in preference of Bird being a singular biggest pristine shooter in a story of a NBA, and his bravery in a Three-Point Contest positively helps his cause.


Tim Legler

Although Tim Legler usually won a Three-Point Contest once, he left an memorable symbol on a foe in 1996.

The sweet-shooting indicate ensure was jubilant as a member of a Washington Bullets, as seen in this print pleasantness of SI Vault on Twitter:

Legler also happened to set some annals in a process, many quite his three-round total of 65, that was 4 improved than Craig Hodges’ prior record of 61 set in 1991.

That record is protected for now interjection to a contest’s opposite format, yet shooters would be hard-pressed to transcend it even if it were still a three-round event.

Legler had during slightest 20 points in all 3 rounds of a 1996 Three-Point Contest, and he shot over 52 percent from downtown during a 1995-96 unchanging season. All told, that was one of a biggest three-point sharpened years in NBA history, and it is one of a categorical highlights of Legs’ 10-year career.


Peja Stojakovic

Despite being a three-time All-Star and a career three-point shooter of over 40 percent, Peja Stojakovic was one of a many underrated players of his era.

He was a outrageous reason for a Sacramento Kings’ success, and he positively done a vital impact on a Three-Point Contest when he won back-to-back titles in 2002 and 2003. Stojakovic is one of 6 players to have achieved that feat, yet few looked smoother in doing so, as seen in this print pleasantness of a Kings’ Instagram account:

Stojakovic is 10th on a all-time list with 1,760 three-point margin goals made, and he led a joining with an implausible 240 in 2003-04.

It isn’t always easy for good in-game shooters to send that success to a Three-Point Contest. Stojakovic did it with a biggest of ease, though, that is because he’ll always be noticed as one of a chosen long-range shooters a joining has ever seen.



With so many glorious shooters concerned in this year’s event, it wouldn’t be quite startling to see any of a 8 participants emerge victorious.

As Pro Basketball Talk’s Kurt Helin notes, a 2015 Three-Point Contest is a who’s who of a NBA’s best long-range bombers:

Vic Tafur of a San Francisco Chronicle believes fans will be in for a provide regardless of who eventually comes out on top:

Curry positively sounds motivated, around Rusty Simmons of a San Francisco Chronicle

Kyle Korver of a Atlanta Hawks will be tough to kick with his league-best 53.2 percent three-point shooting, yet this seems to be a form of venue in that a Warriors stars will gleam brightest.

It’s quite formidable to boot Thompson, who’s sharpened 44.6 percent from low on a deteriorate and has already drilled 145 triples. 

He is an exciting, adorned and rival player, and all of those attributes will assistance lead him to a initial Three-Point Contest pretension of his burgeoning career.

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