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NBA Trade Deadline Update: Drama seems to be a theme

Goran Dragic is 'ready to pierce on.'    (USATSI)
Goran Dragic is ‘ready to pierce on.’ (USATSI)

If a NBA Trade Deadline is typically noted by surprises as teams lift a trigger on moves they’ve been deliberation though not floating for a while, this year’s has instead been a pointer of how many disturbance can reside in locker rooms. In a past 24 hours headed into Wednesday night, a accepted storyline involves high play that has put several marquee teams on a prohibited seat.

Here’s a latest as a rumors continue to raise on a vigour towards an inconstant trade deadline on Thursday.


The Goran Dragic conditions escalated fast. There were rumblings via a deteriorate that a Suns indicate ensure competence not be totally happy with his conditions in Phoenix pity a round with Eric Bledsoe and Isaiah Thomas. He regularly done it famous he was going to demeanour around in giveaway group and emporium for a best situation. There were signs he competence be on his approach out.

But no one approaching this. After a assembly with a group on Tuesday, he let them know he’s not returning as a giveaway agent. OK, time’s up, going to pierce on, wants to pursue personification for other teams … like a Lakers and Knicks, that stirred me to consternation if he had a conduct damage … though whatever. That happens.

Then Wednesday came.

Dragic pronounced he was no longer “comfortable” in Phoenix, and went as distant as to contend he “no longer trusts” a Phoenix front office. It was a overwhelming turn. Dragic and a Suns were a feel-good story final year, scarcely creation a playoffs underneath Jeff Hornacek’s fast-paced, wide-open style, and Dragic had been an MVP candidate.

But Dragic feels tricked by a front bureau after a further of Isaiah Thomas, and with a augmenting purpose of Eric Bledsoe, whom a Suns sealed to a $70 million understanding in a off-season. No matter how many a Suns attempted to console Dragic or tell him they wanted to make him a partial of their future, a mins (and, some-more important, time of possession) went to a other guards. Via NBA.com’s tracking data:

This still doesn’t explain all a tough feelings from Dragic, a clarity of betrayal, a fact that he would rather play in a triangle offense — that will bury his gifts over all manifest impact — or with a Lakers for a highest-volume sharpened ensure of all time in Kobe Bryant. It doesn’t explain because Dragic’s group leaked his elite locations or a formula of a meeting, effectively scuttling a Suns’ leverage. (OK, some of that we can theory because it went down, though it’s not famous for sure).

And it doesn’t explain because Phoenix is still broadcasting that they wish to make a run during trade Isaiah Thomas and remonstrate Dragic to stay — no matter how tainted a good competence seem.

The Suns seem to be traffic with an illogical conditions with Dragic, one that’s certain to exam their organizational resolve. Perhaps a many conspicuous viewpoint on all this is that 18 months ago, a Suns were approaching to be a bottom-feeding rebuilding team. Instead, they found themselves chasing a playoff mark final year and entered a All-Star Break in stick position for one this season. Yet Thursday could pierce changes that dramatically change their authorization course.

The trade deadline facilities outrageous decisions for GM Ryan McDonough and a Suns front office.


The Denver Nuggets have been in a bad space for a while. But while their manager has plainly bloody his players’ professionalism mixed times and Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried and Arron Afflalo have all done reduction apparent jabs in lapse during how Brian Shaw has managed a team, Ty Lawson has mostly stayed divided from it.

Shaw had attempted mixed times to build a attribute with Lawson, even holding him to revisit Broncos use to see how Payton Manning operates as a personality (this was in September, so it was indeed still an effective idea; going in Jan competence not have been as productive). Lawson in ubiquitous is not a rioter or waste rouser. But after picking adult a DUI final month while a group was prepping an All-Star promotional debate for him, Lawson had another occurrence Wednesday.

Lawson had what are being termed “travel issues” and could not lapse from Las Vegas, where he spent a All-Star break. But wait, it gets improved — Lawson did not surprise a group he wasn’t going to make it back. He only … didn’t uncover up.

Lawson was entrance from Las Vegas, where a day before he posted a design of himself on Facebook. Nuggets manager Brian Shaw was not happy with a unexcused absence.

“We had a week off or 9 days between games, and we design everybody to be here,” Shaw said. “It disrupts a formulation of everything, in terms of we count on somebody in practice. But he’s not here so we had to go though him.”

Lawson unwell to uncover is a latest in a fibre of incidents that have dissapoint government in a past dual years. He had a domestic occurrence in a summer of 2013, a box that was eventually dropped. He missed a group breakfast assembly late final deteriorate and was hold out of a starting lineup. In Jan he was arrested on guess of DUI.

Lawson is a Nuggets best player, their many prolific player, though he has difficulty via his career staying on a right track. Shaw didn’t know Lawson wasn’t in a building until a players reported to a use justice and Lawson unsuccessful to show. He had not contacted a group revelation them he would be a no-show.

“When we had a coaches meetings this morning, all of a other guys came in and did their shooting,” Shaw said. “And we (the coaches) came adult right during a start of use during 11 o’clock and that was a initial that we beheld that he wasn’t there.”

via Nuggets’ Ty Lawson misses initial use after all-star mangle – The Denver Post.

So that’s clearly a good situation.

There had been rumors that Lawson’s DUI was a “last straw” with government when it came to Lawson but after a gossip flush final week that a Nuggets were looking during trade their best player, a Denver Post reported a opposite, that they were not selling him. Then after on Wednesday afternoon, a flurry of trade rumors involving a speedster started to record in.

The Lakers and Pacers were a initial to record in, with a thought suggested that Shaw would like his aged indicate ensure when he was an partner in Indiana, George Hill, in return. The Lakers are posterior Goran Dragic, too, and Lawson is kind of a swap devise for several teams. The Milwaukee Bucks are another group that has been floated online.

There’s another group that would be intriguing though has nonetheless to arise in tie with Lawson: Oklahoma City. The Thunder are looking to trade Reggie Jackson to equivocate a oppulance tax, so they wouldn’t take Lawson though promulgation Kendrick Perkins out. But a Nuggets have resources to send in lapse and competence take on Perkins’ agreement to transparent top space if they can pierce another item with longer-term income on a books.

The doubt is either Lawson would be OK with a haven purpose behind Russell Westbrook. The Nuggets have been related in talks for Jackson, and Lawson played with Kevin Durant and still misses personification with him given their days during Oak Hill.

(I wish to highlight this gossip has not been floated by any joining insiders. It only would make clarity if a dual sides got to talking, supposing Lawson could be assured to take a part-time starting role, infrequently starting during two-guard.)

Lawson, meanwhile, responded to a debate with an Instagram post Wednesday:

Travel skeleton got derailed ….but I’m always prepared to go fight with my bros… we know a deteriorate hasn’t left a we all wanted to though I’m a gob until a day we die #nuggetsnation #letthehatecommentspileup

A print posted by tylawson3 (@tylawson3) onFeb 18, 2015 during 3:26pm PST

Lawson is on a books by 2017 though is also as prolific a trade item as you’re going to find. In early January, he was sixth among all players in points constructed (points per diversion and points combined by assists per game).


The Nets have been concerned in trade rumors consistently for a past dual months. Then mysteriously before a All-Star break, mixed Brooklyn outlets started stating there was “nothing imminent” with a Nets’ trade talks and that all was quiet. That’s still what a group is adhering with:

This is a kind of thing that creates my ears go adult like a German Shepherd. When a team’s not indeed articulate to anyone, they don’t indeed make that many sound about it.

Lo and behold, this gossip popped up:

NetsDaily is refuting that report, with Brooklyn officials observant there’s zero to it. But there’s during slightest something going on, deliberation this:

Johnson seems to have leaped forward of Brook Lopez and Deron Williams. Lance Stephenson has been named in talks with a Hornets, so there appears to be a marketplace for a maestro shooter on a large agreement that expires in 2016. Johnson is healthy, reliable, and has a maestro cause that contenders and sub-contenders crave.

The Nets are fundamentally streaming “NO TRADES, NOTHING TO SEE HERE” on all channels, and it’s positively probable that their infuriatingly realistic front bureau keeps on gripping on, though they have so many accessible talent on a block, design a sound around them to boost on Thursday.

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