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Neptune Duo flips a roles of smartphones and smartwatches … for some reason

Will smartwatches ever reinstate smartphones? And, if so, how will we play Candy Crush and watch Netflix or Sling TV on a go? Neptune, a association behind a ridiculously oversized Pine smartwatch, is behind with a new device that tries to answer that question.

The Neptune Duo starts with a Neptune Hub, a standalone 4G smartwatch. But it also adds an appendage that addresses a gaps left by even a many absolute standalone smartwatches. The “Pocket Screen” might demeanour like a phone, yet it reverses a roles that watches and phones play today: in Neptune’s world, a watch has a smarts, and a phone serves as a second shade for observation larger-form calm that tiny screens aren’t good for.

The Neptune Hub (watch) has a smarts, while a slot shade (phone-like device) serves...

The million dollar doubt is because would we do this? If we still have a watch on your wrist and a phone-like device in your pocket, with a sum sum of functionality not really opposite from today’s watch/phone combinations, because worry flipping a roles?

Neptune’s answer (apart from a pragmatic we need a follow-up product that creates headlines) is that you’ll never remove your personal info. Since a computing happens on a watch, and it’s strapped to your wrist, you’re reduction expected to leave it behind. And given a Pocket Screen is mostly a reticent accessory, sketch a smarts from a watch, we can remove it on a train, barter out a new one or even steal a friend’s – yet losing or giving divided any personal data.

Interesting representation … yet also utterly a reach, as many smartwatches have lost phone alert facilities that hum your wrist if we travel divided yet your phone. Doesn’t this elementary and entire underline that we can use on many watches currently solve a same problem as Neptune’s US$800 span of devices?

The Hub will run Android 5.0 Lollipop, with a tradition UI (and we wouldn't reason a exhale f...

Back to a hardware itself, a Neptune Hub (again, that’s a tangible watch) runs Android 5.0 Lollipop with a possess tradition UI. The product page showcases a grid full of a many renouned Android apps, suggesting (without indeed stating) that it will run full Google Play services. Based on Google’s process on watches that run full Android, though, we wouldn’t reason a exhale for a Play Store entrance preinstalled. Don’t be repelled if a Neptune Duo launches with a possess app store and requires we to sideload any apps that aren’t lined adult for yet another mobile marketplace.

The Hub has a 2.4-in touchscreen (by comparison, a vast Samsung Gear S has a 2-in screen, so this puppy is going to demeanour huge), with a quad core processor and 64 GB of storage. The slot screen, meanwhile, has a 5-in 720p arrangement (very mid-ranged resolution, by today’s standards) and picks adult a watch’s tardy with a span of cameras (8 MP on a rear, 2 MP on a front) and a 2,800 mAh battery. Apparently we can assign a watch with a screen, presumably heading to several days’ value of battery life.

The slot shade has cameras, a 5-in shade and a battery for charging a watch

You could disagree that a battery is another box for a product’s existence, yet we’ve found that stream watches like a Gear S, LG G Watch R and Asus ZenWatch can final around dual days or some-more with unchanging use. By a time a Duo reaches customers’ hands, we’d be astounded if a latest flagship smartwatches weren’t all durability dual or some-more days.

We’ve been eying a probability of a smartwatch-centric destiny for a final few years, and, if zero else, we have to tip a hats to Neptune’s confidant transformation in that direction. But we also have to blemish a heads during a lopsided logic, and acknowledge that this all reeks of a resolution in hunt of a problem. Like a Neptune Pine, it’s an sparkling “why not?” concept, yet when it comes to offered it as a consumer product, it’s tough to see this removing past a really niche, early adopter audience.

If we are a early adopter that Neptune is looking for, afterwards we can haven a Pine now, or make a oath by a company’s website. It’s going to cost $798 for Hub and slot screen. The Duo is estimated to boat in late 2015.

Source: Neptune

Article source: http://www.gizmag.com/neptune-duo-details/36126/

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