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Neptune Duo inexplicably reverses a roles of smartphones and smartwatches

The folks behind a hulk and retro (but not utterly useful) Neptune Pine smartwatch are behind — and this time they’re aiming to flip record paradigms. Their new product, a Neptune Duo, is done adult of dual informed looking inclination that don’t work a approach you’d expect. The Neptune Hub is a corpulent wristband that indeed houses all of a record you’d routinely find in a smartphone, and it’s accompanied by a Neptune Pocket, a 5-inch shade that usually serves as a wireless manikin arrangement for a Hub. The idea, according a 20-year-old creator Simon Tian, is to develop a attribute with wearables by putting your primary device on your wrist. The usually problem? Tian still isn’t utterly transparent on why, exactly, you’d wish to do that.

Neptune Duo antecedent hands-on

After lifting some-more than $800,000 on Kickstarter for a strange Neptune Pine, Tian and his tiny group expected felt emboldened to pull bounds even serve with their subsequent project. But, in this case, they might have left a bit too far. The non-functioning prototypes we attempted on felt approach too worried to wear all day, and we were also doubtful of Neptune’s ability to keep a plain wireless tie going between a dual devices. It’s irritating adequate to understanding with apps crashing and accepting issues on a smartphones, who needs another unavoidable indicate of failure? Tian mentioned that carrying your core device on your wrist could also be some-more secure than carrying it around in your pocket, though that evidence also feels skinny (thieves have been snatching watches distant longer than smartphones, after all).

Under a hood, a Neptune Hub packs in a quad-core processor, LTE, GPS, health tracking sensors, and roughly all else you’d design from a smartphone. The Pocket, on a other hand, is fundamentally usually all shade and battery. It might seem crazy to make a wearable with a tiny battery your categorical mobile device, though Neptune records that you’ll be means to recharge a Hub via a day by hooking it adult to a Pocket. That’s a novel solution, though it’s positively not a user-friendly one.

Ultimately, a Neptune Duo reeks of a device built by geeks for geeks, though with small suspicion about how normal people indeed use technology. We can’t suppose too many would be fervent to trade in their slim smartphones for a hulk sci-fi film prop. And there are still copiousness of usability concerns to to understanding with, like a small act of holding phone calls. You can use a wearable’s speakerphone or a wireless headset to discuss with people, or we can pull a call to a Pocket, that adds another covering of complexity. (Neptune told us primarily that a Pocket couldn’t take calls, though they’ve contacted us to contend that’s not a case.) And given a many continuance issues we’ve seen with wearables, regulating one as your primary mobile device flattering most feels like tantalizing fate. We’d have a bit some-more faith in a plan if we saw a Duo working, though right now it’s usually a reticent prototype.

If you’re still intrigued (despite a many red flags), we can preorder a Neptune Duo currently starting during $49 down, with $649 due during shipment. You can also oath some-more income adult front for a discount: $199 down with $399 due later, or go all in for $498. The association expects to start shipping a Duo by a finish of a year.

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