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Netflix TV Pick of a Week: ‘House of Cards’

Feb. 23: Netflix TV Pick of a Week: ‘House of Cards’


With Season 3 accessible on Feb. 27, House of Cards is a apparent Netflix TV collect of a week.

I’m not going to spoil anyone who hasn’t watched a series, so we can keep reading if you’ve never seen an part of a Netflix strange series.

House of Cards is formed on a book and British mini-series of a same name and has been blending to a American domestic structure and culture.

In a series, Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood, a Democrat congressman from South Carolina and a infancy whip of a House of Representatives. After being upheld over for Secretary of State, Underwood seeks punish on a President regulating anyone and everybody required to achieving his goals.

That’s a premise, though quickly, Underwood is forced to change gears as he realizes he’s not a usually one in Washington D.C. with a plan. Over a march of dual seasons, it’s apparent House of Cards is all about Frank, what he wants and what he needs. However, a material repairs in his wake may eventually come behind to punch him.

I consider that sets we adult for what a array is indeed about.

House of Cards has perceived a really good vicious accepting and numerous accolades in a initial dual seasons of a show. After a initial season, Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood, Frank’s wife, in a series, won a Golden Globe for Best Actress. A year later, Kevin Spacey won a Best Actor endowment during a Golden Globes.

As we mentioned, a finish third deteriorate will be accessible on Netflix during 12:01 a.m.on Feb. 27!

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