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Netflix’s Content Chief on Profitability Digs and "Too Much TV" Debate

Netflix arch calm officer Ted Sarandos took a theatre Sunday and restated a doubt that had been asked mostly over a march of a Television Critics Association’s winter press tour: “Is there too most TV?”

But distinct many of his rivals, his answer was definitive. “We don’t consider there’s too much,” he told a ballroom full of reporters. “And if there is, someone else is going to have to delayed down since we have large skeleton for 2016.”

The matter came small seconds after he’d announced that Netflix would offer a 70 million subscribers some-more than 600 hours of new strange calm this year. In a same breath, he reiterated skeleton to double his kids programming output, and stressed a event he sees with comparison kids and loyal family viewing. “And notwithstanding that gait [of expansion], we don’t consider we’ve sacrificed an unit of quality,” he said, rattling off a fibre of new vicious hits including Master of None, Jessica Jones and docuseries Making a Murderer.

Sarandos was reduction endangered about a company’s profitability, that had also turn a renouned press debate topic. “We’re going to spend $5 billion on calm on a PL basis,” he explained. “The profitability of a association is mostly driven on a general enlargement space, not on a calm space specifically. Our strange shows are partial of a sum calm spend, so as we enhance a strange spending it’s still in a same pool of content spend.”

FX Networks CEO John Landgraf had a decidedly opposite take a day earlier, suggesting that something would have to give eventually. “Netflix went from 0 shows 3 years ago to, final time we counted, 55 adult series,” he told a same room. “And a lot of people done a lot of income shopping Netflix stock. It was up, we think, 140 percent final year, though it doesn’t make any poignant volume of profit.” The latter desirous a incomparable contention about Landgaf’s frustrations with a apples to oranges comparisons mostly done between bequest media companies like his and newer streaming services like Netflix. 

“Because there’s a notice that’s really delicately cultivated by Silicon Valley that radically they’re going to take over everything, they don’t have to be hold to a same standards in terms of gain since you’re shopping a future,” pronounced Landgraf, observant that FX’s gain are many times aloft than Netflix’s globally. “So, we have to lapse a distinction to a shareholders and a house of directors and we have to grow that distinction year in and year out; and nobody pays courtesy to a profitability of many of a competitors.”

Though a residue of Sarandos’ time before a press was mostly clinging to a always interesting theme of Netflix’s ratings, that are minute here, a other highlights are as follows:

The Get Down, In Two Parts?

When a initial deteriorate of Baz Luhrmann’s low-pitched play The Get Down rolls out on Netflix, it will do so in dual batches. While he insisted Netflix had no skeleton to desert a all-at-once recover model, bursting adult The Get Down authorised him to assist a routine of removing a desirous array to air. “Baz Luhrmann productions take a long time,” he said. Plus, creatively a group felt a array had a healthy mangle after 6 episodes.

Live TV? Not Yet, Anyway

Sarandos once again shot down skeleton to welcome live sports or news on a service. “There’s no tech reason not to do live,” he explained, “[but] partial of a core consumer tender is on-demand TV, so live muddies a consumer proposition.” But rather than shutting a doorway entirely, he simply told a room there were “no evident plans.”  

That Daredevil Spinoff

After news leaked that Netflix was eyeing a Daredevil spin-off featuring Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher, Sarandos was pulpy for serve sum on additional array entrance out of a Marvel series. He told a cadre of reporters post-panel that anything was satisfactory diversion when it came to additional spin-offs, including Electra, played by Elodie Yung. Yung and Bernthal will make their entrance in Daredevil deteriorate two.

Everything Else …

Netflix’s business affairs group is still hammering out deals for a Gilmore Girls revival, so Sarandos had no news to share there. As for a Making a Murderer follow-up, he pronounced simply, “the story is still unfolding… so we’ll positively take a demeanour during it.” Oh, and Kate del Castillo is still staid to star in Netflix’s Spanish-language series, Ingobernable, notwithstanding a new frenzy surrounding a Sean Penn El Chapo interview that she helped facilitate. “It’s really complicated, though so distant so good,” he said, adding: “We’ve been in consistent hit with her.”




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