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Networking automotive aftermarket radios

The 2015 CES uncover featured both OEM infotainment in cars and a vast series of aftermarket players delivering a connected automobile judgment to a marketplace.  As is standard in a consumer wiring industry, there appears to be a format dispute in a works involving formation methods and height of choice for connected infotainment systems.  The twin systems during quarrel are Android Auto and Apple Car Play.  Both connectivity solutions aim to broach network capabilities and a connectivity of dungeon phones to a car.

Pioneer, for example, exhibited a picturesque concede resolution in their second era Networked Entertainment eXperience (NEX) in-dash multimedia receiver product line.  Models AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-7100NEX and AVH-4100NEX underline Android Auto integration, permitting consumers to fast bond concordant smartphones and extend a Android height in a purpose-built way. For iPhone users, a receivers underline Apple’s Car Play integration.  The twin systems are designed with reserve in mind, providing a elementary and discerning interface and absolute new voice actions for minimized distraction, so users can stay focused on a road.



Unlike before CE format battles formed on competing hardware, this time a quarrel is being played in software—standard hardware can be used by both competing solutions.   As receivers move drivers network connectivity, mobile applications and convenience, they also contingency broach personalization in a form of facilities even when there are mixed drivers.  An in-dash complement centered on a receiver contingency have coherence to support a mobile interface of a driver’s phone – typically regulating one of a twin vital mobile interfaces – Android and iOS.

In further to OS connectivity, receivers contingency support : HDMI® Connectivity, Wideband Speech and A2DP AAC Bluetooth® Connectivity, MirrorLink® Connectivity, HD Radio™ Technology, iDataLink® Maestro® Technology and Dual Zone Audio/Video Playback for front and behind chair infotainment management.

Aftermarket radios underline a hold shade interface that is set adult after joining a mobile section to a home page that reflects a driver’s iOS or Android device. The radios also concede for core console display, regulating a MirrorLink® Connectivity, to arrangement OBDII information collected by a mobile device by third celebration interfaces and products.  This complement eliminates a need for a tradition API and AVL of third celebration accessories for a units.  When a phone or inscription gathers and arrangement information, it can be done accessible on a receiver – permitting Android and iOS universes entrance to a full border of applications for a receiver.

While Pioneer was a lead businessman as CES with these twin record devices, there were a series of others that support Apple usually families or Android usually families.  Several of a other companies in a aftermarket space discussed twin Cap Play/Auto systems, though were targeting their launch during a Detroit automobile show.  Most of a OEM solutions being shown were singular record solutions. The dispute being a program issue, gives wish that business will not be stranded with a squeeze of an archaic or “wrong” choice, though will be means to support their mobile phone selection, as good as their choice of a car.


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