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New Apple TV exclusive with Apple’s possess Remote app for iOS and watchOS


As shipments of Apple’s latest and biggest Apple TV strech fervent customers, some competence be unhappy to find Apple’s Remote app for iOS and watchOS exclusive with a new model, definition all tvOS navigation and calm entrance contingency be conducted around a enclosed Siri Remote and onscreen keyboard.

Apple itself confirms a Remote apps for iPhone and Apple Watch usually support third-generation Apple TVs or earlier, as remarkable by a recently updated support document covering app setup. Seen above, a webpage now says in no capricious terms that Remote can't be used with a new Apple TV.

It is misleading if Apple chose to leave out Remote app harmony in a bid to pull a new Siri-powered control interface, yet a preference is already causing problems for users antithetic to onscreen keyboards. Some reviewers found a new Apple TV chronicle more difficult to use than past iterations due to an peculiar impression layout, for example.

Paring down buttons on a earthy remote meant Apple had to exercise hunt-and-peck character alphanumeric entry, that on prior era Apple TV units is organised in an alphabetized 6-by-6 number block with additional rows for numbers, special characters and commands. On a new Apple TV that block is stretched to a prolonged quarrel of letters, another for numbers and nonetheless another for calm submit options, definition users have to appropriate behind and onward regulating Siri Remote’s touchpad.

Remote control setup menu shade on 4th-gen Apple TV.

For many, a Remote app was an effective workaround that supposing a accessible soothing keyboard on an iPhone or iPad, yet others elite Bluetooth keyboards (the 4th-gen Apple TV nixes this underline as good for certain models). Further, Apple Watch owners were means to fast entrance controls for UI navigation and calm playback around a local Remote app.

It is different either or not Apple has skeleton to hook on compatibility, yet disassociating Apple TV from the flagship mobile products seems like a vivid oversight. It is probable that destiny Remote app updates will move behind support for both iOS and local watchOS apps, yet a tvOS refurbish competence also be required.

Article source: http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/10/30/new-apple-tv-incompatible-with-apples-own-remote-app-for-ios-and-watchos

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