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New DNA exam will assistance trim down stressful Amniocentesis Diagnosis in …

Chicago – A investigate conducted by UCSF scientists uncover that a Roche blood exam or cell-free DNA exam delivers distant accurate showing of Down syndrome in pre-natal tests as compared to customary tests. While a box sets a theatre for a wider use of these Roche blood tests, experts have some reservations.

According to them, women need to endorse a formula by holding some-more invasive diagnosis like amniocentesis, notwithstanding a accurate results, quite if they are reviewing to cancel a pregnancy.

The new Roche peace exam screens a fetal genetic biomarkers in a mother’s blood while a customary screening exam observes ultrasound and protein markers in a mother’s blood. Dr. Mary Norton of a University of California, San Francisco pronounced that a exam is good though given it doesn’t detect everything, therefore, it is not constant to take final decisions.

New DNA exam will assistance trim down stressful Amniocentesis Diagnosis in trusting mothers

Positive formula returned from possibly Roche peace exam or customary exam needs to be certified by amniocentesis. This invasive exam collects a representation of amniotic liquid or a representation of a fetus’ placenta and carries a risk of miscarriage. Therefore, it is endorsed usually for women descending in a high-risk category.

The investigate evaluated 16,000 women, where a DNA exam showed that 38 fetuses had Down Syndrome, out of which, usually 9 incited out to be fake positives. The formula constructed are distant some-more accurate than a customary screening exam that showed that 854 fake positives.

Dr. Arzou Ahsan, an obstetrician with East Bay Physician Medical Group, pronounced that clearly a DNA exam is aloft and should assistance to reduce down a amniocenteses going forward. However, Ahsan pronounced that a application of DNA exam is singular to screening Down syndrome and a garland of other chromosomal disorders. Hence, it is not suitable to brand a some-more far-reaching operation of genetic irregularities.

Dr. Norton resolved that a newer exam is some-more applicable to women of age 35 and over, who have aloft chances of carrying a child with Down syndrome. While women underneath a age 35 could rest on customary blood screening.

Article source: http://thewestsidestory.net/2015/04/02/38328/new-dna-test-will-help-trim-down-stressful-amniocentesis-diagnosis-in-expectant-mothers/

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