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New iPhone 6s Ads Tout New Camera And “Hey Siri” Tech, Boast Jamie Foxx And …

Apple only denounced 3 new ads display off a few of a new facilities on a iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Unlike past ads focusing exclusively on a aggressively hipster everyman, these ads underline some vital star power.

The initial ad focuses wholly on a new iPhone 6s camera, as good as a 4k video recording and live photos feature. The ad highlights how a new camera and concomitant apps change how a user is means to “take a photo, find a photo, share a photo” and more.

Golden State Warriors indicate ensure Steph Curry creates a cameo in this ad as well, display off both his burst shot and a new slow-motion HD video recording tech on a 6s.

In further to a camera ad, Apple showed off a integrate discerning 15-seconds clips of Jamie Foxx demonstrating a “Hey Siri” functionality of a new iPhones.

These ads are unequivocally looking to be super cutesy and don’t unequivocally try to uncover off any genuine universe use cases. They’re some-more about removing users used to articulate with Siri hands-free, now probable interjection to a new iPhones’ M9 suit coprocessor record that allows Siri to always be prepared to discuss but ever significantly draining your battery life.

The initial one, patrician “Crush,” is a bit weird, yet we contingency contend Jamie Foxx and Siri in a Her supplement would make my 2015.

The second one, called “Flip a coin,” is flattering funny, with Foxx seeking Siri to flip a silver as he struggles to select that book to go with.

Apple’s latest iPhones went on sale late final month and kick expectations selling over 13 million devices in their first weekend of sales.

Article source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/25/new-iphone-6s-ads-tout-new-camera-and-hey-siri-tech-boast-jamie-foxx-and-steph-curry-cameos/

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