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New Lumia Phone Soon, Entry-Level Nokia Devices Remain

Despite Microsoft’s handset rebranding, Redmond will continue offered entry-level Nokia phones.

Devices like the $25 Nokia 130 will be assimilated by additional Nokia handsets in a future, according to Tuula Rytilä, comparison clamp boss of selling for Microsoft Phones.

Following Redmond’s $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s handset business in May, Microsoft announced this week that, going forward, Nokia Lumia phones will be famous as Microsoft Lumia phones. But a pierce does not mean existing Nokia Lumia smartphones will turn obsolete.

“Microsoft continues to sell and support a Nokia Lumia phones that are out in a market,” Rytilä pronounced in a blog post, citing a Lumia 830 and Lumia 730/735. “The Lumia guarantee that you’ve come to knowledge and adore will remain.”

“Our tellurian and internal websites are going by a transition as we pronounce and in a entrance days a amicable channels will get a new name, too,” Rytilä said.

Microsoft Lumia rebrandingWhile she refrained from divulgence too most about arriving product announcements, Rytilä pronounced a association is “looking brazen to phenomenon a Microsoft Lumia device soon.”

She also sloping a formation of Microsoft services like Office, OneDrive, Skype, and Bing.

“With Lumia phones, Microsoft delivers a energy of bland mobile record to everyone,” Rytilä said, braggadocio innovations like modernized camera facilities and wireless charging.

“Microsoft stays committed to bringing extraordinary Lumia practice with a clever portfolio of phones that offer something for everyone.”

Redmond’s pierce divided from a Nokia name is expected dictated to equivocate confusion, given a Nokia association still exists, with a renewed concentration on mapping and network infrastructure. Dropping a handset business, though, does not seem to be spiteful Nokia too much.

As for Microsoft, a association on Thursday reported a arise in income to $23.2 billion. It did, however, catch a dump in profit, due mostly to a company’s mass layoffs, that cost Redmond some-more than $1.1 billion.

“We are innovating faster, enchanting some-more deeply opposite a industry, and putting a business during a core of all we do, all of that positions Microsoft for destiny growth,” CEO Satya Nadella pronounced in a statement. “Our teams are delivering on a core concentration of reinventing capability and formulating platforms that commission each particular and organization.”

But notwithstanding certain program and hardware sales, Redmond’s biggest change came in a form of pursuit cuts: Nadella in Jul announced skeleton to discharge 18,000 jobs over a subsequent year as it integrates a Nokia handset business. The initial turn of layoffs came in July, when Microsoft axed 13,000 employees; a second call was in September, when another 2,100 jobs were dropped from several teams.

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