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New mobe marketplace information finds Android, Android, über alles

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Android runs on 84.7 per cent of a 301 million mobile phones a universe combined in a second entertain of 2014, according to market-watcher IDC.

The Google-spawn’s marketplace share is adult a third compared to a same entertain in 2013. Every other mobile handling complement is not even eating Android’s dirt – they’re so distant behind on a highway they can see a plume of dirt Android throws adult are descending behind and don’t even demeanour to have a possibility of choking.

We offer that research because, as a draft next shows, Android’s nearest opposition – Apple’s iOS – now has only 11.7 per cent marketplace share.

Top Five Smartphone Operating Systems, Worldwide Shipments, and Market Share, 2014Q2 (Units in Millions)


Source: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, Aug 14, 2014

Note: Figures might not be accurate due to rounding

IDC says Android’s winning since mobe-makers are regulating it to moment a sub-US$200 market. With Android One on a approach and sub-$100 inclination a target, a researcher says there’s each possibility Android will constraint even some-more marketplace share.

The information is also important for stating a initial 300-million-phones-shipped quarter.

The new isn’t all bad for a chasing container as IDC says Q2 is Apple’s annual low indicate interjection to punters possibly carrying bought an iPhone 5s already or being peaceful to wait for a new model. And notwithstanding Windows Phone’s disappearing marketplace share, a researcher thinks there’s a possibility for alleviation once Microsoft’s channels get Lumias into building countries during appealing prices.

BlackBerry might not be wholly passed yet, as it is improving a position in a Asian markets it has targeted and available “some gains among craving users within North America and Western Europe.” ®

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