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New Spyware Targets Hong Kong Protesters’ Phones

New Spyware Targets Hong Kong Protesters’ Phones


Published on Thursday, 02 Oct 2014 09:24

Image credit: Chris McGrath/Getty ImagesImage credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters have some-more to worry about than they suspicion — someone is gunning after their phones, too. Lacoon Mobile Security says it has rescued new spyware, Xsser, that tries to pretence WhatsApp users on Android and iOS by posing as a coordination apparatus for a Occupy Central movement.

Anyone who falls for a ploy grants entrance to probably all of their supportive info, including contacts, call logs and present messaging archives. The formula is scarcely sophisticated, to boot; it’s a singular instance of a cross-platform mobile attack, and it updates itself over time.

Just who’s obliged (beyond a Chinese-speaking entity) isn’t clear, given a culprits have left out of their approach to censor their tracks. Lacoon suspects that a Chinese supervision might have crafted Xsser to meddler on protesters, though there’s also a possibility that criminals are regulating a antagonistic formula to demeanour for accounts they can steal.

The malware isn’t expected to be all that effective no matter who’s during fault, generally among discreet forms who’ve already switched to secure messaging software. Still, it’s not accurately comforting for activists who already have copiousness of reasons to be suspicious.





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