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New Year’s Eve is bad. 5 reasons we should watch a College Football Playoff …

I hatred to be a dispatcher of bad news, yet New Year’s Eve isn’t unequivocally that great. we know, we know. That celebration we went to in 2009 is a bullion standard. But do we unequivocally wish to spend your whole life chasing a ghost?

Look, we get a appeal. we do! It’s fun to eat, splash and be merry. If you’re single, hey, maybe you’ll accommodate someone. If we can’t get out really mostly since of a kids, maybe we can go empathize with a other sanctified people in a same boat.

But instead of removing mistake insane about a teenager scheduling inconvenience, let’s take a high-level perspective on because audibling (football term) to tonight’s College Football Playoff semifinals (Clemson-Oklahoma during 4 p.m. ET on ESPN, Alabama-Michigan State during 8 p.m. ET on ESPN) competence be a move.

New Year’s Eve still isn’t all it’s detonate adult to be. Here’s because we should seize a pleasant Playoff that’s already during your fingertips and run with it.

1. John Oliver already *EVISCERATED* NYE

Sorry about that. New Year’s Eve had a good run (4542997985 BC – 2014 AD). The viral army of probity are harsh though, and what’s finished is done.

The video is old, yet a topic on New Year’s Eve binds up: “You know it’s going to happen, yet somehow you’re never prepared for how truly awful it is.”

2. No matter how tough we try, we won’t be means to get a cab

There is no business in that pushing dipsomaniac is remotely a good idea. You’ll try to precedence compensate travel to your benefit, yet even if you’re successful, it’ll be a frustrating, mind-numbing, time-consuming experience.

3. Then Uber will surge-price we into poverty

Your attempts to Disrupt The Holiday will be unfulfilling. If we wish to compensate a tiny storage unit’s lease to go a few neighborhoods over, be my guest. Football on your TV is yet a cost of a wire check we substantially already paid and would have to compensate anyway.

4. Science is hard. Throwing a celebration is harder

I get it. Your hosts forgot to buy a spirits on time. Their attempts to double down on their mistakes to make adult for a mislaid time will finish in anguish for all.

5. We all die alone in a end

Single? Married? Separated? That’s okay. We all shall fall. Over a prolonged adequate timeline, we will have a reduction than stellar New Year’s Eve.

But we know who never judges, is roughly always rewarding and by and vast effect free? Here’s a hint: it rhymes with “sports.”

Article source: http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2015/12/31/10693612/new-years-eve-college-football-playoff-lol-stay-home

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