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New York happy rights Indiana transport anathema blues

Gov. Andrew Cuomo took a mangle from Tuesday’s puncture negotiations over what was indeed concluded to in Sunday’s budget-deal-oops to grandstand: He criminialized “non-essential” state transport to Indiana since of that state’s new religious-freedom law.

Our initial greeting was outrage: Why were taxpayers subsidizing any transport to Indiana?

And what a heck depends as an “essential” trip? Is somebody still streamer to a Final Four on a open dime?

Then state Republican Chairman Ed Cox struck a critical note, asking: If Cuomo is so dissapoint about Indiana, because doesn’t he cancel his arriving Cuba trip?

As Cox notes, in Cuba “gay matrimony is illegal, domestic dissidents are detained and tortured and a Castro regime is on a State Department sponsors of terrorism list.”

That’s a most bigger slap during tellurian rights than a Indiana law — which, for all a hysteria, doesn’t permit discrimination.

It’s a state chronicle of a 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, sponsored by Ted Kennedy and New York’s possess Chuck Schumer and sealed by President Bill Clinton.

And 19 other states have such laws. Will a administrator anathema transport to Connecticut?

Not that Cuomo was a usually pandermeister. Mayor Bill de Blasio fast tweeted out his anathema on non-essential city transport to Indiana.

Then again, he’s already been to Cuba.

Article source: http://nypost.com/2015/03/31/new-york-gay-rights-indiana-travel-ban-blues/

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