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Nexus 5X and 6P deep-dive review: Google’s energetic duo

Nexus phones benefaction a bizarre duality. To Android enthusiasts, they’re a many buzzworthy inclination of a year. And for good reason: They’re a flagships of Google’s Android platform, delicately crafted to uncover off a latest program and services — and they get rapid ongoing updates directly from Google itself.

To many normal Joes, though, Nexus phones are — well, many nonexistent. Most standard smartphone shoppers have never even listened of ‘em. And it’s no surprise: Google hasn’t finished many to marketplace a things and they’ve frequency been sole in any distinguished places. They’ve been generally a phones for people in a know.

This could be a year that changes — or during least, maybe a year it should. For a initial time, Google is offered not one nonetheless twin Nexus phones: a small and understated 5.2-in. LG-made Nexus 5X and a vast and reward 5.7-in. Huawei-made Nexus 6P. The phones are some-more focused than ever on delivering well-rounded experiences, not customarily with program nonetheless also in areas like photography, where past models have struggled. Google’s been promotion a phones aggressively, too, with primetime ads popping adult in places like Sunday NFL games.

And while a phones are being sole customarily by Google’s and Huawei’s online stores, their values are tough to ignore: The 5X starts during $379 and a 6P during $499 (though a latter is frequently arrangement as out of batch on Google’s website and now accessible only as a pre-order during Huawei’s). They’re both unbarred and concordant with any U.S. conduit (including Google’s unusual new multi-network Project Fi service) — something we won’t find with a $700 to $800 flagship phones that are far some-more common in this country.

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