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Nexus 5X vs. Nexus 6P: Which one’s right for you?

Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P? It’s a maze of conundrums for vast Android fans this fall. Google’s given us twin good choices, any with a possess singular arrange of interest — and that means we’ve got some severely formidable decisions to face.

I’ve been living with both new Nexus phones for a while and have spent tons of time mulling over what sets them detached in terms of real-world experience. You can see my in-depth review for a full spare on what a twin phones are like to use and where any one shines and falls brief (I’d rarely suggest it if you’re during all meddlesome in these devices) — yet here, we wish to tackle a specific doubt of that new Nexus is right for you.

In deliberation a twin devices, I’d start by meditative delicately about a following 3 areas:

1. Size

I mentioned this in my initial impressions as a unequivocally initial thing we beheld about a Nexus 5X and 6P — and there’s a reason: It’s yet a doubt a biggest (both figuratively and literally) and many immediately poignant disproportion between a twin phones.

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