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Nexus inclination join a Lollipop celebration in this week’s Android refurbish roundup

The floodgates are finally enormous open for Android Lollipop. Nexus device updates are rolling out, while Motorola and LG have affianced Lollipop updates for some inclination this week.

It’s also a happy Friday for ATT customers, who are saying a garland of updates, yet unfortunately nothing of those move a new Android OS.

Each week we accumulate adult all a vital program updates for a biggest devices; phones and tablets on U.S. carriers (and unbarred phones, of course), wearables, and turn them all adult so we don’t skip a thing.

Making certain your device installs a latest program is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring we have a latest features, tighten confidence holes, and squish those annoying bugs.


Nexus 5, 7, 9, 10: These Google inclination should see a Lollipop refurbish any day now by an over-the-air refurbish (it strike my Nexus 7 on Nov. 13). Keep in mind that for tablets a refurbish will come earlier for a Wi-Fi-only models. If you’re a brave type, or if you’ve secure your device over recognition, grab a bureau images directly from Google. Not certain what to do then? We have a accessible tutorial for installing one of these.


Galaxy S4: It’s not Lollipop, though it puts we one step closer with Android 4.4.4. Update KTU84P.I337UCUFNJ4 also brings a repair to E911, chronicle 2.0 of Samsung’s Knox confidence software, and other bug fixes and confidence updates.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4: This one is a flattering tedious update, with KOT49H.T707AUCU1ANJ5 usually bringing we conduit “billing enhancements,” ATTMail, Keeper, and YPMobile. You’re also stranded during 4.4.2.

Galaxy Tab S 10.5: Along with a same ATT bloatware as a Tab S 8.4, a bigger chronicle of Samsung’s inscription gets the Milk Music application in a KOT49H.T807AUCU1ANJ5 update.

Galaxy Note 2: It’s a flattering aged device (we’re now on a Note 4), so it’s good for it to get any kind of update. Though it’s rather a poser what’s indeed included, as ATT usually lists “Android OS enhancements” for a KOT49H.I317UCUCNJ1 update.

Galaxy S3: It’s a same poser refurbish here. KOT49H.I747UCUFNJ1 brings a matching unnamed enhancements.

Galaxy Mega: Another snoozer – KOT49H.I527UCUBNJ1 brings a “Android OS enhancements” also.

LG G3: The D850 update has several enhancements, including a energy glitch fix, confidence patches, an refurbish to Google Mobile Service, Mobile TV 6.0, and a dismissal apparatus for a Skyfire Toolbar. This refurbish will usually strike your device around Wi-Fi.


Nexus 5: Just since we are on Sprint doesn’t meant you’re left out of a Lollipop brigade – update LRX210 brings Android 5.0 to your device. It’s a same chronicle ID as what’s listed on a Nexus bureau images site, so Sprint has finished small to no tinkering.


Xperia Z1S: There are a integrate of neat improvements in this update, including support for in-flight texting and Wi-Fi job enhancements. Grab 14.4.B.0.56 for these add-ons and improvements to camera and Bluetooth performance.

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