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Nick Diaz Noncommittal About UFC Future: "I Don’t Know What to Make of It"

Nick Diaz came adult brief opposite Anderson Silva during UFC 183 and, as is rather approaching during this point, he was some-more than a small bit disastrous when deliberating a life of a veteran warrior and his destiny in a sport.

When asked about what lies forward for him, Diaz sensitively said, “it’s unequivocally crazy entrance out here. I’m kind of sleepy about being a loser…I’m doing good about this being a pursuit compared to a other guys out here…I don’t know what to make of it right now.” In his signature tide of alertness style, he overwhelmed on a accumulation of topics trimming from craziness in MMA judging to pre-fight practice to modifying of MMA prominence reels, though he done no bid to censor his restlessness with a quarrel and his feelings about a sport.

While Diaz put in a clever opening opposite a warrior who hold a clear, definite stylistic advantage over him, a quarrel was a wilful win for Silva. Diaz found success in a initial dual rounds with his looping punches, though Silva’s skinny counter-punching and distance advantage authorised him to cut adult a fan favorite. By a end, Diaz owned a badly shop-worn left eye and a three-fight losing streak.

While in many cases a three-fight losing strain would be worrisome per a fighter’s continued practice with a UFC…not so with Diaz.

In annoy of an roughly two-year deficiency from a sport, a former Strikeforce and WEC champion stays renouned adequate that he can lift a pay-per-view. Some fans adore him and some fans hatred him, though he is many positively one of a UFC’s tip draws today. That said, few “big” fights distortion out there for Diaz and since of that, it might be another prolonged while before he returns.

Watch out for Bleacher Report’s coverage of Diaz over a entrance days, weeks and months.

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