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No new dengue heat cases in Hawaii given Christmas

HONOLULU, Dec. 29 (UPI) – Although cases of dengue heat peaked in a days heading adult to Christmas, health officials in Hawaii pronounced no new cases have been reported given a holiday in a new update.

As of Dec 28, a sum of 181 cases of a illness had been reliable between early Sep and mid-December, with usually dual of a patients still deliberate contagious, according to a Hawaii State Department of Health.

Dengue fever, transmitted from an putrescent tellurian to others by mosquitoes, though not from chairman to person, had not been reliable in a island state given 2011 on Oahu.

“The good news is that that conflict stopped though any involvement by a heath dialect or anybody,” pronounced Richard Creagan, a state deputy in Hawaii, according to CNN.

Of a reliable cases, 163 are Hawaii Island residents and 18 are visitors; 145 are adults and 36 are children. A sum of 715 intensity cases were released from a count formed on exam formula or not assembly box criteria.

Symptoms of dengue heat start about a week after a punch and embody fever, corner or flesh pains, headache or heedfulness behind a eyes, and a rash. Experts pronounced while a infection can be deadly, patients underneath vicious caring with their doctors will “do fine.”

State and internal officials, as good as a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told KHON-TV they don’t design a conflict to turn an epidemic. They are operative to extent a widespread of mosquitoes and delegate infections of dengue by operative with residents and business owners to extent station H2O and other environments mosquitoes use to reproduce.

Dr. Lyle Petersen, executive of a CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, is one of several officials who pronounced they design to continue saying a drip of cases since of a time it takes for people to feel symptoms of infection. Looking during where cases have been reported, and a upsurge of them over a final several months, they contend a slack in cases is expected a good thing.

“We contingency be prepared for a prolonged run. We’re usually a few months into this and it could stop subsequent week, though it could go on for a series of months to come,” Petersen said. “I consider a luck of it apropos autochthonous is low, though we can't envision with 100-percent certainty.”

Article source: http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2015/12/29/No-new-dengue-fever-cases-in-Hawaii-since-Christmas/6701451414189/

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