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Nokia X vs Nokia Lumia 520 – Pricing and Specifications Compared

Many envision that Nokia would have not depressed into tough times had they embraced android many progressing than a likes of Samsung and HTC.

Android and iOS have emerged as a categorical handling systems in a smartphone era. However, Nokia mostly persisted with a Symbian initially, and after changed on to a Windows OS. The Nokia Lumia inclination have been hugely successful regulating a Windows OS– nonetheless nowhere nearby adequate a success of a android rivals. The Nokia X is a initial device from a association to adopt a android OS.


The Lumia 520 uses a required Windows handling complement that done a coming in several Lumia phones to date. In terms of design, it sticks in line with a normal proceed from Nokia. However, it stays one of a best designed products in this segment. It also uses high peculiarity materials. The Nokia X might not belong to a glorious standards set by a Lumia 520, though it is not bad by any standards.

Operating System

The Nokia X is not a phone that runs wholly on a android handling system. Instead, Nokia provides a complement that uses a open source chronicle of this renouned handling system. Since it is not a android chronicle supposing by Google, it lacks in many of a Google apps like YouTube, Google maps, and Play Store by default. However, a device does come with a ability to implement them after purchase. Therefore, one has to rest on a Nokia store in sequence to get renouned applications.


The Lumia 520 can't compare a higher advantage of a android app ecosystem. It relies on a apps on a Windows store, that has been flourishing during a fast gait in new years. However, it has many of a renouned apps found in a android store, that would be some-more than adequate for many. The handling complement will be shown on a 4 in. arrangement that supports 480 x 800 pixels of resolution. Multitouch works on both devices, nonetheless a Nokia X can support usually adult to 2 fingers. Both inclination use a IPS row for improved contrariety ratio.


Despite being an entry-level smartphone, a Nokia X offers a 3.15 megapixel camera with facilities like scenery and face detection. However, there is no front confronting camera and a video recording is also singular to usually 480p. The 5 megapixel camera on a Lumia 520 is many higher in terms of quality, while it can also record HD videos as well. Both phones are well-equipped in terms of connectivity, though Lumia 520 supports somewhat faster versions of facilities like Bluetooth.

Since both phones come with a battery rated around 1500 mAh, they offer glorious speak times even with this vast display. They come in opposite colors like yellow, white, and black.

The Nokia X is an entry-level smartphone that retails during around $140, while a Lumia 520 is somewhat cheaper during around $120.

Article source: http://thefusejoplin.com/2014/07/nokia-nokia-lumia-520-pricing-specifications-compared/

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