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NOPE. Teen Drug War Morphs to Shock and Education

Want to overpower an public of 500 high propagandize students in Pennsylvania? Play a 911 fasten of a mom anticipating her 17-year-old son passed from a remedy overdose.

The audio was played during an anti-drug public to move a existence closer to home for students on a frontlines of a new fight opposite drugs. DARE has been transposed with retaining images and audio of relatives losing their kids. Friends losing friends. Siblings burying siblings.

All horrific and totally preventable. The recording was designed as a gut-punch to students to uncover a consequences. Images were displayed of hundreds of students who have died from remedy overdoses.

“All these kids were around a age, pronounced Michael Senn, an 18-year-old comparison during a propagandize Downingtown High School East, after a program. “It felt personal.”

The public was a display by Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education (NOPE). NOPE is one of a handful of organizations being grown to fight a arise of remedy drug abuse (opiate pain medication) among students.

According to a CDC, 16,000 deaths in 2013 were attributed to soporific overdose. This was a 50 percent boost over a prior year. Laws put in place to quell receiving a drugs have led to a arise of a new heroin epidemic.

The programs are being heralded since of a targeted nature. It isn’t a ‘don’t do drugs, kids.’ Instead, it’s equivocate vicodin, oxycodone and others. This is what has happened to your friends who have taken these specific drugs.

The aged programs have also seen budgetary slashes. Schools have focused on academics during a responsibility of drug education. ‘Just Say No’ is now plainly mocked for a simplicity.

Instead of uncomplicated tactics, programs like NOPE aim to educate. The hour-long assemblies learn students how to commend a symptoms of a drug overdose. Knowing how to conflict is forever some-more useful in this conditions than a fender plaque slogan.

Students are taught that prescriptions drugs are usually protected underneath a caring of a doctor. No one is observant equivocate everything. If we legitimately need a prescription, work with your alloy and family

In a end, it’s adult to a kids. Some are carefree it creates a change, though are cautious. we consider we can take discreet during this indicate over a aged public of articulate points and removing out of category early.

Students are not stupid. Talking to them to rise a devise creates them invested in a outcome. If that saves even one life, it’s a success.

Marcus Chavers

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Article source: http://www.newsledge.com/nope-teen-drug-13203

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