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North Korea says it has American in custody

(CNN) — North Korea is holding an American male who it claims arrived in a nation this month to find asylum, a nation’s state news group reported Friday.

KCNA identified a male as Miller Matthew Todd, who it says was taken into control on Apr 10.

The man, according to KCNA, entered a nation on a traveller visa. He tore his traveller visa and shouted that “he would find asylum” and “came to a DPRK (North Korea) after selecting it as a shelter,” KCNA said.

The news came on a day that U.S. President Barack Obama visited South Korea — a outing that North Korea’s unfamiliar method cursed as being “aimed to expand fight and move dim clouds of a chief arms race.”

The United States is wakeful of a news and has been in hold with Sweden — that represents American interests in North Korea — about it, State Department press secretary Jen Psaki pronounced Friday.

Psaki pronounced a United States has “no larger priority” than a gratification and reserve of Americans, though had no serve information to recover about a situation.

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CNN’s Shirley Henry contributed to this report.

Article source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/25/world/asia/north-korea-american-in-custody/

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