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October 25, 2014 in Antares: Antares rocket changed to launch pad in Virginia


An Antares rocket rides a self-propelled mobile transporter Friday to launch pad 0A during Wallops Island, Va. Credit: Orbital Sciences Corp.

Ground crews eliminated an Antares rocket out of an public building to a launch pad on Virginia’s Eastern Shore on Friday in a vital step before liftoff Monday to resupply a International Space Station.

Mounted on a self-propelled mobile transporter, a rocket rolled out of a plane formation trickery Friday afternoon and reached launch pad 0A during Wallops Island, Va., during sundown after a one-mile journey.

Hydraulic pistons hoisted a two-stage rocket straight on a launch pad overnight. Technicians designed to bond a rocket’s transporter, that also serves as a launch pad umbilical tower, to a launch pad’s electrical and glass systems Saturday morning.

The Orbital Sciences Corp. Antares rocket and Cygnus bucket freighter are set for launch during 6:45 p.m. EDT (2245 GMT) from a Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport during NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

Monday’s launch will symbol a start of Orbital’s third blurb bucket moody to a orbiting investigate formidable underneath a $1.9 billion agreement with NASA. It will be a fifth launch of a company’s Antares rocket, that flew on dual exam flights final year before Orbital began blurb use in January.

Monday’s bucket liftoff will come dual days after SpaceX, that has a identical resupply agreement with NASA, is approaching to interpretation a fourth logistics run to a space station.

In an painting of a chaotic report of bucket and organisation vehicles visiting a station, a Russian Progress supply boat will leave a formidable Monday forward of launch of another Russian bucket qualification Wednesday.

A European Automated Transfer Vehicle is also now docked to a space station.

Named a SS Deke Slayton after a Mercury wanderer and blurb spaceflight pioneer, a uncrewed Cygnus spaceship trustworthy to a tip of a Antares launcher is packaged with 4,883 bruise of bucket streamer for a space station, a largest bucket of reserve and experiments Orbital Sciences has launched to a formidable to date.

The bucket perceptible includes some-more than 1,600 pounds of systematic apparatus from NASA, U.S. companies and institutions, and general agencies. The Cygnus spacecraft’s Italian-built pressurized bucket procedure is also carrying 1,360 pounds of food, about 1,400 pounds of car support apparatus for NASA and Japan, 145 pounds of spacewalk gear, and 81 pounds of mechanism components.

The goal patch for a Orb-3 bucket moody to a International Space Station. Credit: Orbital Sciences

The goal patch for a Orb-3 bucket moody to a International Space Station. Credit: Orbital Sciences

Workers commissioned time-sensitive equipment into a spaceship’s barrel-shaped, 10-foot-diameter pressurized cabin progressing this week before covering a Cygnus upholder with a Antares rocket’s combination load hide Thursday.

Cranes carried a rocket on tip of a transporter-elector-launcher before Friday’s rollout from a plane formation facility.

The Antares launch group will finish final prelaunch closeouts on a Antares rocket and launch pad 0A over a weekend, including defending of a rocket’s solid-fueled Castor 30XL second stage, a exam of a rocket’s steering system, a dismissal of handrails and work aids, and a shutting of entrance doors on a booster.

A launch willingness examination is scheduled for late Sunday morning to go over a standing of launch preparations and give management to ensue with a countdown.

The launch countdown will start reduction than 8 hours before liftoff Monday, with a opening of a Antares launch checklist during 11 a.m. EDT (1500 GMT).

The launch group will siphon RP-1 and glass oxygen propellants into a Antares rocket Ukrainian-built initial theatre Monday afternoon. The propellants will be consumed by a initial stage’s twin AJ26 categorical engines, that were built in Russia in a 1970s, alien to a United States and upgraded with complicated systems by Aerojet Rocketdyne.

The rocket’s computer-controlled depot countdown method will start three-and-a-half mins before liftoff.

The Antares rocket’s AJ26 engines will energy adult to some-more than 700,000 pounds of bearing to propel a upholder divided from a launch site. Breaking a speed of sound as it arcs over a Atlantic Ocean, a Antares rocket will glow a AJ26 engines for scarcely 4 mins before vouchsafing go of a initial theatre to tumble behind into a sea.

The launcher’s load fairing will sale during an altitude of 81 miles — above a unenlightened layers of a atmosphere — and a Antares will light a solid-fueled Castor 30XL top theatre engine done by ATK to send it into orbit.

The Cygnus upholder will muster from a rocket about nine-and-a-half mins into a mission, spread a Dutch-made solar panels, and start a office of a space station.

Officials opted to report a Antares launch progressing than required for a Cygnus spacecraft’s Nov. 2 advancing opportunity, selecting to give a launch group mixed launch attempts and still safety an on-time attainment during a space station.

Orbital orator Barry Beneski pronounced a association has indifferent launch opportunities with NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility for Oct. 27, 28, 29 and 30.

The Cygnus upholder will proceed a football field-sized hire Nov. 2, delicately drifting within 30 feet of a formidable as astronauts take control of a lab’s robotic arm to strech out and constraint a bucket capsule.

The spaceship will sojourn during a space hire until around Dec. 3, when it will be expelled for a mortal re-entry in Earth’s atmosphere with rabble and other unneeded equipment from a space station.

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