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OmniPhy Announces Automotive Ethernet Silicon IP

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OmniPhy, a heading retailer of Ethernet PHY egghead skill (IP)
for a consumer, automotive, and industrial markets currently announced the
accessibility of a silicon-proven automotive Ethernet PHY on an advanced
routine record node. The pattern implements a automotive Ethernet
100Base-T1 customary spearheaded by a I.E.E.E. by 802.3
initiatives. OmnPhy is a initial to offer truly automotive Ethernet
PHY’s in a increasingly renouned chartering format.

A Sea-Change in Automotive

Automobiles are undergoing a biggest intrusion in a past one
hundred years, with a pull towards unconstrained pushing capabilities that
are staid to change a lives. Autonomous cars and features
need a vicious boost in inner connectivity and Ethernet is
best-equipped to yield this network backbone. Automotive Ethernet
retains a trustworthiness and robustness of customary blurb Ethernet,
though has poignant optimizations for a automotive focus to
capacitate high speed and information bandwidth, weight reduction, and cost

“Auto makers are already adopting Ethernet in prolongation vehicles.
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Infotainment will be strong
expansion drivers for automotive Ethernet demand,” pronounced Ian Riches, VP of
Strategy Analytics’ Automotive Practice. “By 2022, we pattern around 250
million Ethernet nodes to be commissioned annually in tellurian automobile and light
lorry production.”

The OmniPhy IP generally emphasizes singular energy saving and reliability
evidence modes that are vicious for a automotive application.
OmniPhy’s proceed allows proliferation and formation of qualified
Ethernet PHY record directly into a sensors, radars, and camera
IC’s. “Customers are intensely vehement about a exponential changes and
opportunities forward in a automotive marketplace and are reacting fast to
position themselves for a future,” pronounced Ritesh Saraf, CEO of OmniPhy.

To date, OmniPhy has shipped an estimated 34 million Ethernet PHY’s
by a silicon suppliers, apropos a customary in a “PHY as IP”
market, and a automotive charity will expostulate a figure considerably

Design Highlights

Here are some highlights of this design:

  • Compliant to IEEE 802.3 100Base-T1 standard
  • MII / RMII / RGMII Interface
  • Customized power-saving modes that minimize standby energy and enhance
    battery life
  • Unique diagnostics, leveraging industrial PHY facilities into automotive
  • Undergoing a full automotive gift process
  • Automotive class ESD and EMC, with post-silicon pattern hooks to
    serve revoke EMI

By building silicon egghead skill purpose-built for automotive
applications, OmniPhy has turn a pushing force in a industry,
fast enabling new record and shortening risk and pattern times for
silicon suppliers. The association allows partners to differentiate
themselves and emanate singular offerings regulating a silicon-proven base. By
integrating a PHY function, a sum solutions have reduce area,
power, and cost.

About OmniPhy

Omniphy is an American Mixed-signal Semiconductor IP association formed in
San Jose, California, with satellite offices opposite a world. The
association specializes in egghead skill and develops
high-performance Ethernet PHY’s and SerDes interfaces for the
Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, and Networking markets. For more
information revisit http://omniphysemi.com
or hit [email protected]

Article source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20151026005520/en/OmniPhy-Announces-Automotive-Ethernet-Silicon-IP

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