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On Russian TV, Snowden asks Putin about Moscow surveillance

(CNN) — Months after usurpation haven in Russia, refugee U.S. comprehension leaker Edward Snowden on Thursday asked Russian President Vladimir Putin about Moscow’s possess notice practices.

“Does Russia intercept, store or investigate in any approach a communications of millions of individuals?” Snowden asked in English around a video couple during Putin’s annual question-and-answer program, that was promote on state television. “And do we trust that simply augmenting a efficacy of comprehension or law coercion investigations can clear fixation societies, rather than their subjects, underneath surveillance?”

Putin responded that Russia has a special use that bugs write conversations and Internet communications to quarrel crimes, including terrorism, though usually with justice accede and usually “for specific citizens.”

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“So, a mass impression is something we do not have and can't have,” Putin pronounced in Russian.

“On such a mass scale … we do not concede ourselves to do this, and we will never concede this. We do not have a income or a means to do that,” he said.

Putin, a former comprehension agent, remarkable that his questioner, a former National Security Agency contractor, shares that background. “So, we can pronounce in veteran language,” he said.

Snowden final year disclosed sum of a immeasurable U.S. notice network put in place after a Sep 11, 2001, militant attacks, including a government’s record gripping on billions of phone calls.

Anticipating authorised consequences, he fled to Moscow.

U.S. authorities have charged him with espionage and burglary of supervision property.

Last month, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a conduct of a Defense Intelligence Agency, told National Public Radio that U.S. officials contingency devise for a probability that Russia has entrance to American conflict skeleton and other secrets.

“If I’m endangered about anything, I’m endangered about invulnerability capabilities that he might have stolen from where he worked, and does that believe afterwards get into a hands of a adversaries — in this case, of course, Russia,” Flynn said.

He cited comprehension capabilities, operational capabilities, record and weapons systems as intensity subjects that Snowden — and now Russia — might have.

“We have to assume a misfortune box and afterwards start to make some recommendations to a care about how do we lessen some of a risks that might come from what might have been compromised,” Flynn said.

Last October, Lon Snowden visited Moscow, where he told reporters that his 30-year-old son told him he had had no hit with Russian confidence or intelligence.

In January, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told a Senate Intelligence Committee that a Snowden leaks caused vicious repairs to U.S. security.

“What Snowden has stolen and unprotected has left way, approach over his avowed concerns with supposed domestic notice programs,” Clapper pronounced then. “As a result, we’ve mislaid vicious unfamiliar comprehension collection sources, including some common with us by valued partners.”

The nation’s adversaries were “going to propagandize on U.S. comprehension sources’ methods and trade craft, and a insights that they are gaining are creation a pursuit much, most harder,” he told a committee.

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CNN’s Jason Hanna and Tom Cohen contributed to this report.

Article source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/17/world/europe/russia-snowden-putin/

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