Office Lens

Office Lens translates real-world ink into editable files

Microsoft expelled paper-scanning app Office Lens for iPhones and Android on Friday, opening one of a many renouned apps to a wider universe of mobile devices. Office Lens was formerly accessible usually on Windows Phone devices.

Office Lens uses a smartphone camera to indicate business cards, gummy notes, white boards, or anything else created in real-world ink before converting them into electronic files that can be saved to a cloud or common over email.

It works a neatest pretence on printed documents. The app uses visual impression approval to upload content to a Word request for easy modifying and keyword searches. It can also import business label content into your phone’s hit list.

The app has valid renouned among Windows Phone users, a little 3% splinter of all mobile phone users. It’s now accessible to a other 97% for free in a iTunes store and in preview mode for Android users.