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OnePlus’s Android Lollipop-based ROM, OxygenOS, is accessible to download now

A little later than expected, OnePlus has finally launched a much-anticipated Android Lollipop-based handling system, OxygenOS, for a One smartphone.

The China-based mobile phone manufacturer has been teasing OxygenOS given final year, after a company’s launch in India was set back: OnePlus had designed to use a CyanogenMod handling system, yet Cyanogen, a association behind a CyanogenMod OS, unexpectedly granted exclusivity to another manufacturer in a country.

This expedited OnePlus’s growth of OxygenOS.

Today’s launch will expected lead to a association replacing a existent CyanogenMod-based ROM opposite a board, yet for now a central over-the-air (OTA) updates will continue to be CyanogenMod, presumably until OnePlus is assured it has a leader on a hands with OxygenOS and ironed out any issues. The company’s proclamation currently says:

We wish to stress that we built this initial chronicle so that we guys could start holding a approach purpose in a destiny of Oxygen. To make certain we’re streamer in a right direction, we need your input.

Based on Android 5.0.2, OnePlus’s new tradition ROM isn’t accessible OTA , so you’ll have to conduct here to download it.

OnePlus has made headlines over a past year for a One, a premium-spec low-price device — it comes in during $299/$349 (16GB/64GB). But it hasn’t been easy to get ahold of one of these phones, with OnePlus adopting an invite-only complement with tiny windows of event for anyone to buy one.

Today’s news comes a month after OnePlus done a phone available to buy opposite a whole European Union, yet shortly after a association announced a cost travel in a eurozone, citing a descending value of a euro.

Meanwhile, we can have a glance of what a new OxygenOS ROM looks like in a demo video below.

Article source: http://venturebeat.com/2015/04/04/onepluss-android-lollipop-based-rom-oxygenos-is-available-to-download-now/

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