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"Opie and Anthony" horde dismissed over extremist Twitter rant

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WASHINGTON — It’s not that a guys during a “Opie and Anthony” radio uncover on
SiriusXM haven’t seen their share of controversy. They’ve withstood fines and
firings before, though this time a corporate movement opposite one-half of a team
was swift, and since of a inlet of a Tweets in question, could spell the
end of a uncover in a latest incarnation.

See a Tweets

Some some-more credentials on a banishment here.

Anthony Cumia, who has worked in radio with Gregg “Opie” Hughes for 20 years, was
taking cinema during Times Square in New York when he was assaulted by a lady who
thought he was holding cinema of her, he said. Cumia, in describing a incident
in a litany of Tweets,
said he was punched by this lady repeatedly. No military were called. Yet on
Twitter he spoke of his personal harm and regularly called out her race,
her a black “–itch,” “-unt,” “animal,” and “savage,” among other names, and
promising that if he was
an “illegal gun owner” he would have shot her.

In a statement, SiriusXM pronounced “The preference was made, and Cumia
informed, late Thursday, Jul 3 after clever care of his racially-
charged and hate-filled remarks on amicable media. Those remarks and postings are
abhorrent to SiriusXM, and his function is unconditionally unsuitable with what SiriusXM

Anthony was not cowed. In a Tweeted response, he
said, “Sirius motionless to cavern and glow me. Welcome to bizarro world. Fired for sh-
-t that wasn’t even on a atmosphere wasn’t illegal. So, who’s next?”

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