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Opie & Anthony Co-Host Anthony Cumia Fired for ‘Hate-Filled’ Remarks

Opie Anthony radio uncover horde Anthony Cumia has been dismissed by satellite radio association SiriusXM, that cited his “racially charged” and “hate-filled” remarks on Twitter as a reason.

Cumia’s remarks and postings, including Tweets and re-Tweets that were spiritless to women, were “abhorrent” to SiriusXM, a orator Patrick Reilly pronounced Friday. The startle jock was dismissed late Thursday, Reilly said.

Cumia’s response Friday on Twitter enclosed an trash in propinquity to SiriusXM. He pronounced he was dismissed over element that was not aired and was not illegal.

Earlier this week, Cumia posted Tweets and photos about what he pronounced was an conflict on him as he took photos in Times Square.

He pronounced a woman, hurt during being photographed, called him a “white mom [expletive]” and afterwards regularly punched him. He pronounced he shielded himself but conflict back.

In successive Tweets about a confrontation, Cumia let lax a fibre of impertinence and insults opposite a black woman, including describing her as “pig face worthless” and regulating an anti-female expletive.

“This was an animal. we shoulda crushed it’s face,” he wrote.

In after Tweets, after being cursed as a extremist in some Twitter postings, Cumia pronounced he was a plant and was being foul derided over his views of assault in a black community.

Asked by one Twitter print if he had reported a conflict to authorities, Cumia responded that he could take punches but wasting a police’s time.

Article source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20831998,00.html

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