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Outlook Illustrates Microsoft’s New Mobile Strategy

When your marketplace share is resolutely in a niche territory, when your handset business is focused on a low-end low-margin space, and when your mobile handling complement is going to be sensitively pushed aside for a grand one vision, how do we stay applicable in a mobile space?


That appears to be Microsoft’s mobile strategy. Approaching a one-year anniversary of his appointment as CEO, Satya Nadella’s idea of ‘cloud first, mobile first’ is becoming clearer. You strike it out a park with software.

The recover of Outlook for iOS and Android inclination this week is a good box in point. While a concentration is a somewhat reworked and rebranded chronicle of Acompli (a Microsoft merger from December final year), it speaks to Nadella’s prophesy of Microsoft in a mobile world.

To start with, Acompli was never accessible for Windows Phone (all of a functionality of a Outlook use is partial of Windows Phone), it focuses on Android and iOS. This chronicle of Outlook is about bringing Microsoft’s use to a dual widespread mobile platforms, and in a approach that works good with any platform. It doesn’t impose ’this is Outlook so it’s going to demeanour like Outlook no matter where it runs’ it is geared towards a platform. It’s a giveaway download, only bucket it adult and divided we go.

Google’s chronicle of Gmail on iOS should take note.

Microsoft is not imposing, it is offering. The finish outcome competence feel a same (you are using an app from Redmond), but Acompli/Outlook is not perplexing to pull a thought of Microsoft’s Windows as a right approach of doing things. The concentration has changed divided from ‘selling Windows’ as a primary idea of Microsoft, toward a destiny prophesy where products and services take the lead, where platforms support a software, and revenue is not dependant on changeable OS units.

Windows 10 will have a clever partial to play, though it will be secondary. That OS is going to be given divided as a free upgrade for existent desk-bound users, and a infancy of Windows Phone handsets will also be bumped to a full chronicle of Windows 10 during 2015.

The indicate is that ‘cloud-first, mobile-first’ does not meant OS first. It means that no matter where a user is, Microsoft will broach their information to them in an appropriate way that works where they are. Mobile can meant a device, though it also means that information and ideas are mobile. They are not bound in one place, in one device, or siloed to a specific platform.

Does this interrupt Microsoft’s aged business model? Yes it does, and that’s a beauty of it. Nadella is confronting adult to a innovators dilemma, and he is not prepared to let Microsoft slowly slip away on a raise of Windows 10 and MS-Office boxes. He is forcing a association to face a new hurdles conduct on, with new models and new ideas. If they are inner ideas and projects, great, though if they are outmost (as Acompli was) afterwards he’s some-more than happy to bring them in from a cold.

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