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Padres make another large move, supplement game’s best closer in Kimbrel

Once we discharge a unconnected parts, here’s a hint of a Sunday’s trade — a Padres bought Craig Kimbrel from a Braves for $53.35 million, dual prospects and a 41st collect of a Jun draft.

That is a high price, yet it’s unchanging with ubiquitous manager A.J. Preller’s other vital deals over a past 4 months — short-term gain, intensity long-term pain.

I like a trade for a Pads given Kimbrel is by distant a best of a 7 players in it, and given a team’s postseason chances usually got that many better. The move, though, is disputable — rarely disputable in many respects.

The Padres’ combined $53.35 million requirement is a disproportion between a volume they owe Kimbrel and Melvin Upton and a volume they off-loaded by relocating Cameron Maybin and Carlos Quentin to a Braves.

One of a youngsters in a deal, right-hander Matt Wisler, was a Padres’ No. 1 awaiting according to Baseball America, yet he competence infer no some-more than a mid- to back-of-the-rotation starter.

The second prospect, outfielder Jordan Paroubeck, is a raw, odd form who spent final deteriorate in rookie turn after a Padres’ prior regime took him in a second turn of a 2013 draft. And a 41st pick, well, it had value to a Pads, deliberation that Preller has now traded 6 of a team’s tip 10 prospects according to BA.

If a understanding was Kimbrel for those players alone, it would be an comprehensive steal. The “contributions” of Upton, Maybin and Quentin expected will be a wash; a Braves, in fact, are expected to appropriate Quentin for assignment. But a Braves’ insistence that a Padres also take Upton’s remaining $46.35 million dramatically altered a finances of a deal, to a indicate where many teams would have balked.

The question, though, is not as elementary as, “How many do we value a closer?” Yes, relievers are volatile, and all pitchers are damage risks. But Kimbrel, entering his age 27 season, is a best closer in a game, and personification his home games during pitcher-friendly Petco Park should usually raise his performance.

If Kimbrel were a giveaway agent, he expected would authority a pledge of some-more than $53.35 million — David Robertson, remember, usually got $46 million from a White Sox. Heck, Kimbrel competence have even ordered roughly $18 million per season, that radically is what a Padres will compensate him over 3 years.

The trade, meanwhile, creates a Padres’ bullpen so low that dual peculiarity relievers, Kevin Quackenbush and Brandon Maurer will start a deteriorate in a minors. Joaquin Benoit and Shawn Kelley are a new setup men, and who knows? Maybe Preller eventually will trade one of them for another part.

Again – all looks good brief term. The trade increases a Padres’ payroll to about $109 million, a figure that is still docile and ranks a small 18th in a majors. Long term, however, a numbers get distant some-more daunting. In 2017, a Padres will compensate 4 players — Kimbrel, Upton, Matt Kemp and James Shields — a sum of $68.45 million.


Ever given a Pads began their buildup, people around a diversion have asked, “Where are they removing all this money?” Obviously they have it, and tenure deserves credit for ancillary Preller’s whimsies. Still, it’s satisfactory to ask when a celebration will end.

If a Padres win, they’ll beget adequate income for Preller to figure out a rest later. If they do not, Preller competence need to change vigourously into reverse, and their fans competence boomerang during such a teardown.

The Braves, by trade Kimbrel, continued their possess deconstruction, one that seemed unthinkable a year ago when they were bustling signing Kimbrel and several of their other immature stars prolonged term.

The idea of trade Kimbrel finished ideal clarity — a closer is a oppulance object for a non-contender, and once a Braves dumped Jason Heyward, Justin Upton and Evan Gattis, they had no possibility in ’15.

But could a Braves have gotten some-more for Kimbrel in Jul or even subsequent offseason, when he still would have been underneath 3 years of control, including his bar option? The answer certainly is yes, as prolonged as they did not bond him to Melvin Upton, who now is out with a feet injury.

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Thing is, a Braves were unfortunate to pierce Upton — they attempted to insert him to Gattis and others progressing in a offseason, and eventually they were peaceful to scapegoat Kimbrel to get it done.

John Hart, Atlanta’s boss of ball operations, spent a whole winter collecting pitching prospects, and Wisler becomes a latest further to that group. Equally encouraging, a competitive-balance collect that a Braves acquired gives them 4 of a tip 54 picks in a Jun draft.

On a other palm …

The Braves’ signing of free-agent Nick Markakis to a four-year, $44 million free-agent agreement looks preposterous. The 2015 group over initial baseman Freddie Freeman and shortstop Andrelton Simmons looks awful. And if Hart and Co. skip on too many of these prospects, a Braves still could be awful when they enter their new ballpark in 2017.

As with many trades, it will be years before this one can be scrupulously judged. The Padres are perplexing to win, a Braves are not. Understanding that context is critical. And if Kimbrel helps lead a Pads to their initial postseason coming given 2006, bar officials substantially won’t caring how many it cost.

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